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LEGO Worlds

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I bought lego worlds the same day that the beta version came out in 2015, and it was awesome.

Then after many years of doing god knows what they put out the public release, and it sucks

There is no prodcedurally generated map anymore just some tiny island with boundaries so my MONTHS of work editing the map in the beta version got LOST because it deleted it despite making a copy of the whole LEGO Worlds folder that is buried 6000 folders deeo in some obscure folder in windows.

So I play it, I got the gold bricks from the first world and then another two worlds but then it starts bugging, not letting me go any further so I quit and uninstalled it (I tried for like an hour to work it out)

Now I was bored many years later so today I installed the game, I got the 3 gold bricks from the first world.

As expected, the game told me to use the rocket to visit another world and there is indeed another world available to visit now, except the 4 buttons that should be on the bottom right are MISSING!.

Here's a screen dump from youtube of what it should look like:


Also the DLC option in the main menu is buggy and wont let me download DLC in game.

If anyone dares to try to help fix this then go ahead I aught to get a refund for the all of the crap this game has put me through, DISGRACE.

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