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Many people asked for the possibility to use Duplo parts in Studio, so I created this parts pack (including connectivity):
To use it, unzip it and place its contents in your C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Local\ . Duplo parts will then be available in Custom Parts palette of Studio. More details on custom parts in Studio forum:

- Many Duplo parts are missing here (and are not available in LDraw library anyway)
- Studio doesn't provide specific connectivity for Duplo, so I had to make do with simple stud or axle connexions.
- Compatibility with regular LEGO is limited (you can place bricks over Duplo, but Duplo on bricks doesn't position correctly and generate collisions).
- Some parts create unwanted collisions, eg. Duplo wheel on axle. Problem is that Studio part designer generate collision data automatically, I have no control on this. Turn collision off when this happens.



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