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22 hours ago, RacingDuck82 said:

Hello Anders T,

Is there another way to get the LDD file from this awesome model? It seems that has been deleted.


Yes, the MOC-pages feature of making digital files available was very useful.

I had uploaded a great deal of my old designs, so anyone could see the details.

This was more or less like throwing a message in a bottle.:pir-huzzah1:


Now I have to take an active part in who gets to see them, - why and when they do.



You could try sending me a PM:

Stating who you are, what design(s) you want to see and why.


There is a limit though…

The older designs, pre-HDMS Lougen (my profile photo), are more or less up for grabs.

From HDMS Lougen I made the decision that I would not share a design unless tested, built, by me.*huh*

However- This means that the current list that I would share is, shown here as LDD pictures:


Early designs, questionable builds at best:


HMS Ontario


HMS Surprise


HMS Lively


HMS Leopard



Tried and tested:


HDMS Lougen (my first conversion of a LDD design to bricks, somewhat flawed, but she has some charm)


Golden Hind (very tricky)


HMS Ontario (version 2)


HMS Surprise (version 2)

Look above


Galley Penteconter (flimsy, small and not found in the pirates forum, but in historic themes)

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Hi Anders T,

Since I'm a new member I can't send you a PM yet until I have reached 10 posts. :cry_sad:

I'm mostly interested in the LDD file for the Surprise. I'd like to have a go at it to make a LEGO model out of it as you did. :thumbup: Very impressive!

Currently reading the series of books, that's why it peaked my interest.

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12 hours ago, 5N00P1 said:

@Anders T You can upload files also to  also including photos.

Ok! I have now created a page on bricksafe. This is a different format than MOC-pages, so quite new for me.

Please take a look there, all of you, and give some response - preferably by PM.

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Thank you so much for sharing your LDD file!

Amazing stuff going on with this design. Stuff of legends! :pir-huzzah2:

I'll be busy figuring out and trying to build this model for the forseeable future. :drool:

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