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Lego "Gray Era" trains in XXL format - an update

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Hi all,

last week I was looking to my 7810 and 7720 models in XXL format, and I sincerely found them ... obsolete. It seems strange, but some solutions I chose in the past are no more satisfying.

I started then some studies on newer versions, recycling a lot of old designs and introducing the "Fat Wheels" (which I sperimented with 112 XXL). I am not still convinced on some details (mainly ladders), but I think these models are beginning to have the right shape.

Double gauge (lego track and G-Gauge track) is still possible, and the battery is now moved inside the bodies instead of being contained inside the chassis. Normal train buffers are back, they are a bit small, but help the general look. Bye bye to fake "suspensions" on the wagons - they ruined the overall look like 9v wheels do when they're used on Gray era trains.

Let's start with the 7710:


Then we continue with the 7720 (engines only) - I've to find a solution for those "radiators" - maybe vintage yellow and red doors?


Now time for the 7810 pulling three 7818:


The glorious 7760 (here the ladders show all their limits!!!):


And finally, the 7725. This one and the 7740 are the ones who convinced me to go back to double buffers.


As you can see, I added some details on some models and I modified some things. Nonetheless, I think these models can be improved a lot (ladders,as already said, and pantographs, and If I understand a good way to do it, headlights).

All trains you see feature the standard chassis and motor. For 7740 there is a specific "bogie version" of the below motor (the motors will go inside the body, together with the batteries).



My 7810 XXL is currently under revamping, following the new style. Farewell to the blue 7720 XXL, now dismantled to recycle some parts - but she'll be back in red soon!




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20 hours ago, LEGO Train 12 Volts said:

I Davide I like the blue version of the 7720 :thumbup:

Ciao!Thank you! I liked it too - it was a bit "different". 

It is the locomotive that started all my work on this completely invented "SCALE". :laugh:

By the way it's a "goodbye" and not a "farewell"  :wub:

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