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Moff Wibbles

[Q12 - Nan'thri - TT] (Microscale) 32nd Skirmish Line (Inquisition Fleet)

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"In other news, ISB Inspector-General Krelac Drenil caused quite a stir at this evening's press conference, where he announced the reformation of the Imperial Inquisition. Citing known insurgent Luke Skywalker's public quest to restore the subversive Jedi Order as provocation, the Inspector General announced that Grand Prince Serion has enacted a clause of the Dangerous Cults Act. The Inquisition will be a task force dedicated to protecting the Triumvirate from dangerous Jedi and other unlicensed Force users.

It is not known at this time whether the Triumvirate Inquisition will include sanctioned Force wielders itself, but military pundits believe it to be likely. Concurrent with the announcement was the unveiling of three new warships, all built at the Shipyards of Nixor. These vessels have been built exclusively for the Inquisition, and have a sensor-dampening outer shell that will give them the element of surprise. They also cut a very intimidating figure. These vessels participated in a naval parade at Nanth'ri today, before being assigned to their ongoing mission.

I know a great many citizens will feel much safer, knowing the Triumvirate is taking steps to protect its citizens from insidious and subversive cults like the one that was responsible for the assassination of Emperor Palpatine. Seeing those black starships silhouetted against the stars, I feel safer already."

-Gani Lirec, Triumvirate Holonet News.






For this build, I am happy to reveal the last vessels I designed for the Triumvirate's fleet - and an interesting storyline step that I fully intend to build on in future, uh, builds. The Triumvirate Inquisition is largely a mystery at this point. It exists, it has a stated goal of protecting the Trimvirate, and it has its own small fleet of starships. Apart from that, just about everything is an abject mystery. This is intentional, in order to allow faction members to build on the concept and make it their own. There are notably three ships, matching the amount of players currently in the faction ;) 

The Arquitens Light Cruiser is a slightly modified version of my earlier build. I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to build one in black with the parts I had - I spent a full day hunting for the right bits. I'm quite happy with the result, which to me feels sleeker and more threatening than the standard model. 


The true showcase item for this build, however, is the absolutely puny Rendili Stardrive Light Corvette, better known by its informal title of "Customs Corvette". Designed for the Imperial Office of Customs, the corvette is fast, well-armed and more than capable of fulfilling its mission of boarding and inspecting suspicious ships. I regretfully was unable to replicate the horizontal three-engine block, so I instead used rollerblade parts to create an 'upgraded' engine block of four units. The build replicates the overall shape of the vessel to a degree I'm happy with - especially within a length of four studs! As you can see, I actually have two versions of this - one for the Triumvirate's navy, and one for the Inquisition. I actually have six of the normal version, but I'll be saving them for future stories.


Well, that's it from me for now. I'm going to be taking a bit of a break from this game for a while, so I'll see you in a couple of weeks!



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