[GBW] - Supporting the war effort - Alsarh - Red Team mission

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Al Sinbar - NW map square K4 

The team enters the poorer region of the city. All the preparation has been leading up to this. Terrorist's had managed to enter our borders and while Plighia stops an arms deal, it's our job to destroy the terrorist HQ - at all costs. 

http://48766062616_da1da3293a_z.jpgWIP by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

http://48783204436_6f339b597a.jpgInterior detailing by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

http://48782873013_7304f26bd6_z.jpgInterior detailing 2 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

The terrorists have taken one side of the street as a base. They are mainly based in a colourful graffiti covered slum complex. There are many suspicious items within including all manner of chemicals and what appears to be a dirty bomb.

http://48765680142_1178d51a20_z.jpgWIP - well kind of... by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

http://48838235642_e1ab50520d_z.jpgMore exteriors by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

http://48815455932_4708e8aa93_z.jpgReshoot by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

An Alsarhian tank - the Merkaviov MK9 enters the unusually quite street and brave troops suddenly poor onto the street surrounding the rebels. 

http://48794392852_4485bb46fb_z.jpgThe other side of the street by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

http://48838232396_5d4798fa33_z.jpgInteriors continued by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

http://48838062646_6ebdcdce66_z.jpgHigh Priest by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

http://48815389027_3e3e2d3b5b_z.jpgTodays offering by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

The local people have been informed of what would occur and gathered into the mosque by high priest Jafar. The next door building that has been setup as a battlefield hospital is hit by an RPG, damaging the wall.

http://48838204431_624a381310_z.jpgAnother interior by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

The fight continues as the soldiers clear out the remaining buildings. The terrorists are little match for the expert precision of the Alsarhian forces and their weapons are unable to damage the tank. This section is a success but there are plenty more similar compounds to clear all across the city. Let's hope that blue team are able to stop the weapons getting to the terrorists once and for all.

THIS EVENT IS SCHEDULED TO OCCUR AT THE SAME TIME AS @ODA 401's build. Feel free to comment but be aware this event HAS NOT OCCURED YET.


http://48794263886_778a12e4f5_z.jpgA side view by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

More details

http://48783350322_496a9e6f8b_z.jpgMerkaviov MK9 MBT assault vehicle by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

A better shot of the tank.

http://48860105418_8b03eb47f5_z.jpgIMG_20191006_103439447-01 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr

Overview of the build.


I would love any feedback or suggestions - Anything that you like or you think would help me improve :classic:



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Judges’ comments…

This was a very cool build, perhaps your best yet. Your small range of buildings had a mixed feeling between the middle east and something out of a post apocalyptic star wars. Loved the tank and the overall way you laid things out here. Only thing I could suggest really would be to clean off that lens and get your self some better lighting for your pictures to really let your details shine a bit. Great job!

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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