Lego Technic 42099 C-model - Tractor - by dokludi

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I finished with my next second variation from the 42099 kit. It was finished in two afternoons. The big wheels on the kit limit the options enough, but I still have a few ideas.

This model became a tractor with all-wheel drive and front-wheel steering. As far as I could, I took the gear as quickly as possible but it was still below my previous variation.

It doesn't have many functions. Only the rear "boot" can be opened for quick battery replacement.

Hope you enjoy it.



I'm still not comfortable with the factory control software. Unfortunately, the Sbrick - Brickcontroller pair is still much better (Thanks again to the Hungarian guys !!!).
Until it goes with the required engine and setup, it won't really be acceptable to me. However, it is perfect for the factory model.

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Good and logical idea, unfortunately I cannot see the video, I get the following message: 

Video unavailable

This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

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Nice C-model, from what appears to be a pretty limited set with respect to alternate models. 

I've yet to convince myself to purchase the 42099 but, you have added a little to the argument for purchasing.

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With limited number of parts it is very good C-model. :thumbup:IMHO it is to wide for (systems) tractor (at least I have constantly this problem to solve with h my MOCs) but you are limited with parts...and I'm not fan at all of new "Control+" idea if it would not be (in future) compatible with PF elements so I agree completely with you that Sbrick is better solution (based on MOCs I see around)

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