42110 - Land Rover Defender - MODs and Improvements

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I am just about half way through building Pimp up my Defender v1.3, and noticed something worrying. Is it normal for the rims to rub against the steering arms at full lock?

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50 minutes ago, therealjustin said:

Is it normal for the rims to rub against the steering arms at full lock?

Dunno if the steering arms, but the wheels definitely rub against something at full lock in mine, and I'm 100% sure I built it correctly

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Hm, don't know guys, in my case v1.3 doesn't rub at all. Here is the image of the steering arm:

BUT, I must admit the other minor issue that does exist: if you hold Defender in your hand and try to turn the front wheels not with HoG, but with your hand, then there is a bit of friction of the steering gears in the front (24t and 8t) - if you slightly press the wheel up they do connect and prevent steering. However, on the ground it steers fine, no unnecessary friction.

Hope it helps

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On ‎12‎/‎27‎/‎2020 at 7:49 PM, pizza12 said:

Hello, I just finished building my copy of the Lego Land Rover, and it makes a cracking noise when in reverse/ hi or low/ gear 3,4. I know a lot of people are having the same issue as I am. I have searched throughout the web for an answer, but couldn't find a clear one. Some of the answers didn't work for me too. I found this one answer on Eurobricks from Twoofive: "I solved the issue by changing the 8/24 gearing to the diffs into 16/16 , works a lot better now." I don't exactly understand this answer by Twoofive. Can someone please explain this answer to me? Also if possible, please show me pictures of what it would look like after applying the answer from Twoofive. If the answer from Twoofive works to fix the problem, all credit goes to Twoofive. Thank you!

To Pizza12 - I also did this change to 16/16.  It doesn't really help with the friction and the cracking, I believe it speeds up the engine in relation to the wheels. 

2 things I changed which helped with the cracking were:

Try fliipping the front and rear differentials 180 degrees.  If you have cracking when pushing forwards, but much better when pushing backwards direction, then try this.  It improved mine a lot.  I have to be honest I don't understand why but it worked.

Changing the in-line 6 engine to an old fashioned technic v6 one.  this took some reconfiguring of the engine bay but was a fun challenge.

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Thanks to corona lockdown I got my LandRover set and was very happy to build it up after nearly 17 years lego technic "abstinence". As I really enjoy modding stuff to perfection, I did a few upgrades and would like to share them with you. Main things include: 3rd set of hard red springs for the back axis, dual red hard springs for the front, front and rear bull-bar, trailer winch (will be upgraded soon), side-steps, snorkel, external air-filter, lightbar, some cosmetic addons i.e change of all visible blue pins to black ones and adding some round tiles, exchange of light gray parts to pearl dark grey (ladder steps and exhaust),

For the future I plan to build in a v6 classic engine, ackermann steering, a custom roof top tent, better tyres (maybe not Lego ones) and a suitable trailer thanks to jerry_sutton from rebrickable.
















Here is the actual update with 3rd party tires and a new Bullbar variant (Took a day to build it the classic way without studio :)). The tire size is about 90mm diameter and fits very well on the new Lego rims. No issues with steering or rubbing against the fenders. Check on ebay for 1.9 crawler wheels if you are interested.




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