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[WIP] MOC Blacktron Bounty Hunter spaceship

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As a former Blackthorn fan I immediately fall in love for cmf Space Bounty Hunter, basically for the blackthorn logo on his torso. 

while searching for the mining I started to plan a lilt spaceship.

I will play with him togeder with Benny’s squad so I would like to make a  similar size miniship with that 80’s feel, and the classic blackthorn color scheme.

this is the project.





Long story short, when I finally get the minifig I noticed the change of color from the illustration to the real one: the red details were gone and the yellow became lime.


So now I'm considering to change the ship’s color scheme but i can’t find any acceptable match between the colors, this is by now the best option but I'm not really into it


 any thoughts? 




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I like this a lot. Simple but fun. I really want that rocket booster to be yellow though. 

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