Hello from Poland!

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My name is Richard and I'm from Poland. I'm a front-end developer, but when I have some time I like to create some Lego sets in stud.io app. Before I was using LDD, but for some time Stud.io is my number one.

When I was very young I had access to Lego bricks from my elder sister. Lego was my biggest passion. When I was grown up I discovered LDD and that was something amazing. I saw lots of new possibilities. Nowdays I'm mainly build virtual bricks, but I hope that in the future I will back to the classical building. There are lots of new bricks for me and it is always better to try build something in real life. From the other hand virtual bricks unlimited access to bricks in any color and quantity, but then there is no possibility to play the construction which was built.

I'm here because one of your community members were invite me here. Many thanks @leafan for that. He saw my set on Lego Ideas. I'm trying to achieve the 10000 target.

If you like, you can go there -> https://ideas.lego.com/projects/416d8d9e-eb83-4b52-b5c0-1601f3295aa8 to se my construction.

Every support and constructive opinion always has big value for me.

Best Regards!


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I'm really glad that you chose to sign up, Richard. I hope you find it interesting enough to stay and join our community.

May your project get the support it deserves; and I also hope to see further projects from you in future, whether on Lego Ideas or here.


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Hello and welcome !

That's a lovely Project you have ! Welcome and don't hesitate to share your medieval builds in our Historic Forum

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