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[MOC] Destroyer- 619 "Dominion"

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Forge Class Destroyer- LL619 “Dominion”

Length: 262 meters


Anti-cruiser dual link Crusader Magnetic Acceleration Rail Cannon (4)

Cruiser Buster missile tube (6)

Peacekeeper long range orbital bombardment cannon (2)

Rocket turret (1)

Ion burst cannons (2)

Heavy laser turrets (5)

Quad link anti-fighter laser turrets (15)

Complement: 9 Warden Class Interceptors (upper hangar) 6 Governor Class Heavy Bombers, 2 Transports shuttles or- 1 Kiltrip Defender Corvette (lower hangar)

Crew: 235

Following the successful deployment of the Forge Class Battle Cruisers, the New Coalition found itself well position as peacekeepers.  Peace, however, is often fleeting.  A dissenting faction opposed to all forms of centralized government sprung up in the outer system of Conteruim.  The Teriums as they become known retrofitted a number of older vessels with thick armor and multi directional weaponry.  While the Battle Cruiser's Centurian weaponry was able to penetrate the armor plating, its line-of-sight design made engaging multiple Terium vessels difficult.  To combat the Terium tactics, the New Coalition developed a new ship, the Forge Class Destroyer, equipped with direction port and starboard Crusader MARC cannons capable of eviscerating the armored Turium turtles with greater efficiency.   The Destroyer also carried a larger complement than the Forge Class Battle Cruiser including heavy bombers or the ability to house a Kiltrip defender inside the Destroyer if bombers were not required on mission.  The Destroyer also modified the hangar configuration as compared to the Anvil Class Carriers and the Battle cruiser to allow for hot take-offs and landings from a forward facing hangar opening.


Dominion Breakout



See the build log of the SHIP here:


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This thing is nuts! Great work on all the details and the overall construction and shape!

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