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The Carrack, Caravela, Nau, Nao, Neef or Kraak.

The ship type was all the rage in the 15th century.

It was important for me that it seemed like a reasonable evolvement of the cog, and as a precursor for the galleon, being closer to the latter.

Trying to avoid the most out there designs of this type; I have mainly used different plans for the Santa Maria and a great deal of sense.


It is in minifig-scale or 1:40’ish.

The model will have the dimensions Length: 85 cm, Height: 75 cm (with stand), Width: 23 cm (Beam)

There is approx. 6400 bricks in the model.


Carrack styrbord.lxfCarrack bagbord.lxfCarrack styrbord skrog.lxf


Carrack styrbord skrog agter.lxfCarrack styrbord skrog for.lxf



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On 10/2/2019 at 6:33 PM, koalayummies said:

Absolutely gorgeous ship! Wonderful hull and color choices.


You are right most of it could be different.

It could be more rounded, higher on the castles…

The white bottom could be black. I actually think about doing that on my next design.

The brown could also be black or even a dark blue or red.

The tanned could be black, darker brown and so on.

... and then I appreciate your conlusion that I was right with my choises.:pir-grin:

On 10/3/2019 at 3:01 PM, Elusys Ra Arwal said:

Your work is stunning as usual, Congratulations! 

Thanks. I guess you have noticed that I used the pumps that you borrowed from “Imperial Shipyards”*huh*

On 10/4/2019 at 1:31 AM, iammac said:

What a beauty! You're making quite a name for youself around here.



Thanks man. I guess that the last few weeks have been quite productive.

There is even one more ship on the slipway.:pir-oh:


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