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Wilhelm screamer

Review: 7625 Indiana Jones - River Chase

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I know that alex54 had already reviewed this set beforehand, but I wanted to give my 2 cents (it is really more like $1.50) on this set I bought from toys 'r' us on friday (guess what, the price had not been increased by a dollar like all other sets, :classic: ). This is my first review of a set ever, don't be too mean.

1) Box

It captures the potential (I don't know how the scene plays out... for now :devil: ) action of the scene nicely and is very pleasing, good job TLC :thumbup: .


On the back it shows some of the play features of the set and a net little comic. Indiana Jones seems to be surprisingly calm considering that he is about to be captured under a net and attacked by a snake (the thing he fears most).


1a) comic

not much to say on this...


1b) screw up

At the top of the box, both "Russian Guards" have the same grining face, in the set one has the generic bad guy face from 7620.


2) Contents

The box opens up to reveal a quartet of bags, an un-crumpled manual (YAY!), and a sticker sheet (BOO!)


2a) DSS

Yoda said every for of rambling imaginable about this accursed item, I have nothing to say. Meh...


3) Minifigs

The only thing that has not really been discussed about the figs that you get in this set is that Marion has a slightly new torso.


4) Parts of interest

When I opened up the baggies, these were the components that grabbed my attention. A DARK GREEN alligator, a net piece that I Know has appeared in sets before hand ( I needed it for a MOC I am working on), some raft part that is probably very old, a ladder with two pairs of hindges, and a DARK brown version of this part.


4) Build (amphibious vehicle)

This I one of the more enjoyable builds of the new line. But that is just my opinion.

You start of with some thing very simple...


By the end of the next page, it starts to bulk up


More detail...


Beginning to look like a car...


4a) Build (rear attachment)


Bulk it up and add Taillights...




Slap it on to the main vehicle...


4b) Build (Front attachment)

I am running out of things to say...


Bulk it up...


Add some detail...


Add a gun and headlights...


And attach to the rest to get the completed vehicle...


Add stickers...


I honestly think that the amphibious vehicle looks much better with the stickers than without...

5) Build (boat)

This build goes by rather quickly and adds to the playability of the final set.



Apply clamps...


Add more to engine...


Build more detail and a gun base...


Finished boat...


Plus stickers...


I love how Lego slips in the product number into their stickers.

6) Build (tree fort)

This is the weakest part of the whole set. But I find my self liking it more and more for some odd and inexplicable reason.

That tan 6x6 will most likely see use in a pirate themed vinigete soon (not mine :sadnew: ).


Install net-launcher...


You spend the next two pages building this...


And putting it on...


A tree branch that is an ugly mix of brown, dark brown, and frown... (our commie friend seems to like coffee a lot)


Second branch...


3rd... (a wee bit to much on the coffee there, don't you think?)


Final step...


The only redeeming value of this section is how well the net launcher works, fantastically. The rest is just utter fail.

7) Spare parts

Very little in terms of what is left over...


Finished set...


All in all, this set is a fine build and an excellent parts pack for dark green components.

I recommend this set strongly, despite its few weaknesses.

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Great review, thanks! As i thought, amazon did send out my pre-ordered sets not until yesterday evening, so i should receive them (hopefully) on monday or tuesday. Can't wait for them! Btw., i wonder what's up with all these sticker leftovers in the indy sets..this hasn't been the case in any other set with stickers, right?

Edited by metalandi

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I brought this set a few days ago and agree with everything you say. I would have never noticed that the boat sticker is the set number unless you pointed it out.

Glad to see that one set of fuel can stickers was extra, i spent ages looking for a place to put them.

cool review btw

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Nice review! Although you need to use the Macro setting(a.k.a. the Flower setting) for better pics. Are you using a digital camera? You really need Macro... The idea is, turn it on and hold down on the 'take picture' button halfway until the pic focuses. Then press it down all the way to take the pic. :wink:

I'm glad this one also comes with the new Uzi; I wanted an extra... :tongue:

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A very nice review of a very lovely Indy set indeed, thanks wilhelm screamer. :thumbup:

But you need for sure a better lighting for taking your pictures.... :sweet:

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Thank you for the nice, in-depth review! I have to say, Lego did a good job on the amphibious vehicle.

P.S.- If you need photo taking help, PM me and I can give you some handy tips.

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Nice review Wilhelm Screamer! Very thorough. The pictures are a little dark and blurry, though. I made a tutorial here for amateur photography tips. I also edited your first post to include a link to Alex's review.

Great job! :classic:

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Very good for a first review! :thumbup::thumbup:

I bought this set and Jungle Duel at Target the other day (I was going to wait and buy them when I go to Downtown Disney this summer, but how could I pass up saving four bucks that I can spend on store-exclusives? :tongue:) and I have to say I absolutely love them. The amphibious vehicle (don't they call it a Duck in the movie?) is definitely my favorite LEGO vehicle I've ever built. Everything about it is wonderful- the size, the colour scheme, and it's accurate to the one in the movie. And Irina Spalko's hair is to die for. :wub:

On a side note, I don't get why they made Marion's arms white in the set. The shirt underneath her vest in the movie is obviously blue. I switched the arms out for light blue ones and it looks a lot better, and it makes Marion's eyes look great. :wink:


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An extremely thorough review - you definitely do this set justice. Looks like a fairly interesting set, and that comes from someone who isn't particularly a fan of lego Indiana Jones.


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