[MOC] Small Train Depot

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I'm slowly adding structures and other decorative detail to my Small Layout On a Door. My newest creation is a small train depot similar to what you'd find from the late 1800's or early 1900's throughout the US. 






Depots of this era pulled double duty as both a passenger and baggage stops and many depots shared similar design features. The baggage handling area was usually at one end; often with a ramp or loading dock for the easy loading and unloading of goods onto what would have been horse drawn carriages initially. The other end served the passengers and contained a small waiting area with the ticket office separating it from the baggage area. 






My depot is restored and repurposed for modern tourist travel. While the building itself has been lovingly restored, the old wooden platform had to be removed and a larger more modern concrete platform poured for convenience and safety. 


The size of my layout and the density of my track dictates I build small structures. While I built it to fit next to the main line, it also fits a few other places on my layout. 




I wanted to make the platforms and stairs and ramp very modular. Simple pins allow for easy removal or rearranging of these areas. 






I've posted the LDD .lxf file on My Bricksafe Page for anyone who wants to review, modify, copy or build it. Hope you like!

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Really like this! The building fits perfectly in the layout and the style of the building itself is great too! Especially like what you've done to make it modular, similar to what I'm aiming eith my soon to be buult buildings.

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Very nice, looks like my local commuter train station except they have yellow lines on the platform.

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It's so cute. Small, yet well detailed and period appropriate. Excellent work with it. Having it be modular so you can change the setting as necessary is a bonus.

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