[Mod/MOC] Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird

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Ok, let me continue my series of muscle and pony cars - today with the Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird in 42093 Corvette scale.

I already gave a preview of an earlier revision in:

Based on that I did change the color scheme a little and modified the rear section to better mimic the Roadrunner's rear end and now consider it finished for the time being. Here's the result:


I also created a digital model of it:


Studio, LDraw

...and made a rendering with all my MOCs/Mods in that scale with the 42098 car transporter (based on @JunkstyleGio's digital model of the 42098 car transporter - again much obliged for that! :classic:):



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10 minutes ago, Touc4nx said:

Is the car able to go in the lower deck despite the massive rear spoiler ?

I can't say, as I don't have the 42098 in real, but I actually doubt it. Even if possible, I think it will be too long for the two slots on the lower deck anyhow.

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