LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 20. Rumors and discussion

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And the counter part for the series six one could be a female sleepyhead or leprechaun or butcher or highlander/Celtic warrior.

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1 hour ago, Aurore said:

2) Has the DC series piece for posing the fig
2) Has a combo hair/headgear
    ↳ Could be a female wingsuit basejumper, but for some reason, I doubt it.

Don't get too hung up on posing = flying.
Diving is just flying in really thick fog. It could be a diver/snorkler.

1 hour ago, Aurore said:

9) You can't see the face
9) Is prominently red
    ↳ ...still no idea for this one! 

Robot, Spacesuit, Ferrari driver/ racer, naked Zoidberg witha  bucket on his head. What else is red with an obscured face? Skier/Snowboarder with facemask?

1 hour ago, Aurore said:

13) It's basically a rehash
13) Is prominently green
    ↳ A (sand) green Dentist? Well, still possible but less likely...Probably something else.  

Again, some kind of uniform? Space, Racer, Waste disposal, Park Ranger (would likely have an animal though), Jungle camo Johnny Thunder? Possibly a Knight or Forestman? A Robinette Hood?

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Last for today; I'm going to sleep.

The IT'S NOT game

1) It's not - long legs
2) It's not - hystorical
3) It's not - expectable
4) It's not - new molds
5) It's not - male
6) It's not - pirate-related
7) It's not - short legs
8) It's not - city-related
9) It's not - re-hash
10) It's not - castle-related
11) It's not - fantasy/scifi
12) It's not - space-related
13) It's not - original
14) It's not - female
15) It's not - west-related  
16) It's not - counterpart

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1 - Sombrero boy.

2 - gymnast? Acrobat?

3 - Ice cream cone, pie or cookie girl

4 - Space mech

5 - Female swashbuckler (I really thought there were more pirate figs in the CMF line)

6 - Castle builder guy/kid

7 - Wolf or squirrel girl (please!!!!)

8 - rehash Viking Warrior

9 - your hoard fig? Terra Cotta warrior?

10 - New Egyptian figure?

11 - female hockey or baseball player?

12 - female diver w turtle?

13 - another robin  hood or leprechaun? 

14 - male Opera singer? Guitar player?

15 - female mechanic?

16 - clown? 

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10 minutes ago, Rogue Angel said:

15 - female genie

There was already a Genie Girl in Series 12

The rest of guesses sound pretty interesting

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7 hours ago, Itaria No Shintaku said:

13) It's not - original

Hmm, maybe a figure loosely base on previous Licensed CMF properties? Like, another plant person? It would cover Sci-Fi, being green, and being a rehash (Plant Pot suit girl from S18, and Fly Trap from S14). And not original, doesn't exactly equate to "unoriginal", as in lazy. It could be like Poison Ivy, but y'know, second-rate.

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So with the hints we have so far:

  1. - Has Sombrero 
    • Has short legs
    • It’s not - long legs
    • the already leaked Piñata Boy
  2. - Has the DC series piece for posing the fig
    • Has combo hair/headgear 
    • It’s not - hystorical
    • Jetpack Pilot 
  3. - Is a food costume girl
    • I said it’s a food. It’s not a fruit. 
    • It’s not - expectable
    • Maybe a carrot girl?
  4. Looks like a minifigure from series 15
    • Has a weapon 
    • It’s not - new molds
    • my guess is she’s going to be a Lady Knight (a la Jean d’Arc) or a Valkyrie 
  5. Is a female counterpart for a figure from S12
    • Can go along with a character from series 8 and 1 from series 16
    • It’s not - male
    • I agree with the common guess that this is a Lady Swashbuckler/Pirate, which is frankly overdue. Wouldn’t be surprised if it included a new hat/hair combo as well so they could slip it into the Pirates’ Bay Ideas set coming out soon. 
  6. - Has an exciting printed torso with a classic LEGO set on it
    • Has some normal LEGO pieces that come with him/her
    • It’s not - pirate-related
    • has to be some sort of meta Lego fan
  7. - It’s an animal costumed girl
    • Is an animal suit girl/guy. You know. This animal has never been released before in LEGO pieces. 
    • It’s not - short legs
    • Could be just about anything - sheep? otter? platypus? The odds of guessing right are low. 
  8. - Can go along with a figure from series 4 and one from series 7
    • Has a beard 
    • It’s not - city-related
    • Some sort of Viking, which might make a Lady Knight more likely than a Valkyrie for 4. 
  9. - You can’t see the face
    • Is prominently red
    • It’s not - re-hash
    • I’m guessing this is another costume but I couldn’t guess what
  10. - Is a rehash from series 2 with a new accessory 
    • Is prominently white
    • It’s not - castle- related
    • a Martial Arts Student - not sure what the new accessory will be though
  11. - Female/Sport
    • Has both hands occupied 
    • It’s not - fantasy/sci-fi
    • would jump-rope count as a sport in this case?
  12. - Has footwear parts
    • You can’t see his/her hair
    • It’s not - space-related
    • I think we’re all pretty sure this is a Marine Biologist diving with a Sea Turtle at this point. Definitely a must have for me. 
  13. - It’s basically a rehash
    • Is prominently green
    • It’s not - original
    • a garbage person maybe, I seem to recall seeing a garbage truck in City a while back. 
  14. - Has a face like he’s singing 
    • Is a contemporary figure 
    • It’s not - female
    • If it’s only like he’s singing and not actually singing then I have a sneaking suspicion it’s just another excuse to reuse the megaphone piece 
  15. - Female counterpart for a guy from series 6. Oh yeah I didn't tell you that.
    • His/her accessory is a new mold
    • It’s not - west-related
    • Presumably either a female version of the Highland Battler or Sleepyhead, either one would probably need a new hair piece 
  16. - Has a printed tile
    • Is showing his tongue in his facial expression
    • It’s not - counterpart
    • my brain is stuck on that picture of Albert Einstein with his tongue stuck out, but I’m not sure how likely that is


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3 hours ago, ARC2149Nova said:

Hmm, maybe a figure loosely base on previous Licensed CMF properties? Like, another plant person? It would cover Sci-Fi, being green, and being a rehash (Plant Pot suit girl from S18, and Fly Trap from S14). And not original, doesn't exactly equate to "unoriginal", as in lazy. It could be like Poison Ivy, but y'know, second-rate.

It's something we really have seen before.

Again here.

ROW 1 - 1 male, 2 females, 1 unknown (probably 90% male)
ROW 2 - 3 females, 1 male
ROW 3 - 2 females, 1 male, 1 unknown (probably 90% male)
ROW 4 - 3 males, 1 female.

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My updated guesses :

1 - Piñata Boy

2 - Wingsuit Basejumper. I really like @Accio Lego's idea of a Jetpack Pilot and find it rather probable, but I'll maintain my initial guess to avoid stealing his idea. :classic:
@Masked Mini The existing flipper pieces can't be attached to a stud, so a diver with flippers cound not be posed in the same way as the DC figures. That's why I assumed a flying fig as #2 and kept the diver for #12... 
EDIT : well, it seems it was possible after all! :sweet:

3 - Just for fun, a Shrimp Tempura Girl:laugh:

4 - Female Mech. She could look like S15 Laser Mech, would not necessarily require new molds, and it would be my third initial correct guess in the Guessing Game thread. A female knight seems probable as well.

5 - Pirate Lady!

6 - If it can't be a Black Seas Barracuda Builder, then a Classic Castle Builder with a tiny buildable castle! :dsweet:

7 - Wild guess : Koala Girl!  There are so many possibilities...But I noticed my previous Zebra assumption is not compatible with the Pirate Lady given the results in the Guessing Game thread. Those results also exclude Teddy Bear, Stork and Dodo Bird (sadly incompatible with Marine Biologist).

8 - A Viking seems very likely. I would go for a Viking Thunder God, which could be non-royal enough to not count as a "Viking King" : @williejm listed one in the Guessing Game thread and had no correct pick

9 - Still too many options for a rational idea…Wild guess again : Bobsleigh Driver (with a helmet). Since both the Viking Kid and the Headbanger were put aside, then it could be @arnenielsen correct guess!

10 - Female Martial Artist, maybe with new nunchaku.

11 - Rythmic Gymnast with clubs

12 - Diver / Marine Biologist with turtle

13 - Green Crayon Guy : it's really a rehash, and this would make the third costumed minifig of the serie.  

14 - Movie Director

15 - Female Highlander, just because this could be my favourite minifig ever. But the hints are not easy for this one! :laugh: Could be a minifig related to a non-western country's culture, or just "not a counterpart to the Bandit". 

16 - Not easy either! Wild guess #3 : Kid trying to solve a hard math problem! But if #4 is not a Female Mech, then it could be a Cartoonist according to the Guessing Game thread results. 

Edited by Aurore

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Wow, right when I posted my last guess list! :laugh:

Pirate Lady and Diver with turtle are confirmed. Martial artist with nunchaku too, but he's male. The minifig with the DC posing stand is a Hip-Hop Dancer, which is a really clever association. 




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5 minutes ago, brickonski said: just released a list of the minifigures.


01 - Boy with Pinjata
02 - Hip Hop Girl with Ghetto Blaster (Hip Hop Girl with Ghetto Blaster

03 - Pea Pod Costume
04 - Knight
05 - Pirate
07 - Llama Costume

08 - Viking
09 - Red Ranger 

10 - Nunchaku Guy
11 - Discus / Spear Thrower

12 - Diver with turtle
13 - Green-Brick Guy
14 - Musician with synthesizer
15 - girl in bunny pajamas
16 - drone guy


Sounds like a significant improvement from the last few CMFs

Edited by Renny The Spaceman

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And here is the google translation ;)

01 - boy with pinjata

The first series 20 minifigure is a little boy with a different colored pinjata. There is also the mandatory stock to open. The boy expects from the dark blue legs with a full white torso. On his head he owns a brown Mexican hut (which we already know in green and black). Why does the torso stay white? This is covered with a colorful poncho.

02 - Hip Hop Girl with Ghetto Blaster

As the name suggests, the minifigure fan owns a hip hop girl with a side baseball cap and red long hair (new molded part). In addition, a torso with a crop-free top print and a matching hose. Accessories are also available here in a ghetto blaster in a new color: turquoise. The action pin, which was made with the DC minifigures series, must not be heard here and the figure should be heard dancing.

03 - pod costume

Who hasn't always wanted to walk around as a pea pod ?! The minifigure lady is probably obsessed with it! There is a new minifigure costume in the form of a large green pod with three hell green peas.

04 - Knight

It's time again for a knight at the Danish toy manufacturer. Here he is - a knight in an orange / gray robe. A real knight's helmet with a red LEGO spring. A suitable sword and of course the shield must not be missing. On the gray shield there is a yellow print with a large black raven.

05 - Pirate

The pirates are not lost in the anniversary minifigure series. But this time there is the female form. The tricorn hat with red feather and white brown hair should be the most interesting here. To which is a typical pirate sword attached. The imprints of the minifigure are no longer spectacular. The torso is printed in a white robe with a brown belt. In addition, dark blue legs with red / brown print.

06 - rocket fan girl

Red space baseball cap, torso with a spaceship print, what a small rocket, a tool key and a rocket plan on a 2 × 3 tile.

07 - Lama costume

And again an animal costume - and was for one. A huge llama head that belongs above the minifigure head. Because this helps out of the lama's neck. The color of the torso and legs is printed in beige. The torso still has a large round white belly print hat. A carrot is included as an accessory.

08 - Vikings

Here LEGO has opened itself, and when you see the figure like this, I unfortunately have to think of a Playmobil figure. This is surely and surely with the helmet golden visor and the orange beard. A blue cloth cape, as well as a brown lance with silver tip and a matching shield complete the minifigure.

09 - Red Ranger

Even if it is not a licensed product, the figure looks like a Power Ranger. And like the "Red Ranger". A red helmet with black / golden visor, as well as two golden tips, completely covers the minifigure head. The torso and legs are also red. This includes various black / gold prints, a personal belt and white shoe prints. A huge, green, transparent sword is included as an accessory.

10 - Nunchaku Guy

A minifigure in white karate. In addition a grim looking minifigure head with a white headband. The figure's hair is in a new black shape. Of course, what shouldn't be heard are the nunchucks as accessories.

11 - discus / javelin thrower

With the 20th minifigure collection series, the Danes are once again bringing Olympic gold to the figures. With the personal minifigure, there is also a new hair shape here. The torso and legs are printed with a sports jersey. The person number is already visible on the torso. My highlight here is the gold medal on the red ribbon, which is wrapped around the minifigure - known from the swimmer from the minifigure series 7 (8831). As accessories there is a single spear and a printed 2 × 2 round tile as a disc.

12 - diver with turtle

A minifigure in a black wetsuit, with a helmet of the same color and a diving mask visor. This includes flippers, a green underwater plant and a very cute sign (new animal, different from the Friends series) are included as accessories here.

13 - Green-Brick Guy

Here it is now, while we already know the Red Brick Boy and the Blue Brick Girl from the minifigure series 18 (71021), we are now adding a minifigure in the green brick design. Green arms, green legs and a 2 × 3 green Lego brick as a costume and the minifigure is almost ready - because the head and the brown hair piece must not be missing. As an accessory, the minifigure has a 2 × 2 tile with a large “10” on it.

14 - Musician with synthesizer

A musician aka rocker should not be missing in the latest minipart series. What stands out here is the very ingenious red cape synthesizer (greetings from the 80s). The figure has longer gray hair and a rocking facial expression. In addition a torso, which comes with a leather jacket print and a T-shirt with a red flash. The legs are solid color - pink!

15 - girl in bunny pajamas

The little teddy bear as an accessory is something of 2019 - because from now on there is a small plush rabbit as an accessory in the color beige. The little girl's minifigure consists of long yellow-blonde hair, a torso with pink pajama print (the rabbit appliqués are also a must) and pink short legs.

16 - drone guy

LEGO also moves with the times and because there were already a wide variety of drones in various LEGO sets, this time they should not be missing from the minifigure series. A boy with a turquoise baseball cap, green sweat jacket and white t-shirt with print and blue trousers. But the head is printed with a cheeky face, tongue out and a plaster on the left side. A drone and a remote control (new part) are included as accessories.

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What.....a disappointment! (And a HUGE waste of what will probably be the only normal CMF series this year ?)  The Knight seems mildly interesting, but nothing new in the historic sense at ALL. Is it the Viking you are so interested in Itaria?

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Excited to see these. I like that there is 3 historical figures including a knight, which sounds like it could be a throwback to the bad guys from the 2011 Kingdoms line.

For the Viking, I'm eager to see the helmet as the original Viking helmets keep falling off, so would be good to get a redesign or new look.

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36 minutes ago, julesvincent said:

A real knight's helmet with a red LEGO sprin

Actually its not a spring, but a feather/plume...

38 minutes ago, julesvincent said:

personal minifigure

And this is "female minifigure" - maybe this is supposed to be a heptathlon athlete (javelin and shot put is two of the 7 disciplines in Women Hepthalon)?

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Ok, so my game ends! :)
So you can see I was correct all along.
You can ask me questions if you want to.

Edited by Itaria No Shintaku

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That would be very nice :) I have just one: is the vikings beard printed on the head or a (new) mould? With dwarfs as my favourite fantasy race this is the most interesting news from Lego since a long time:moar:

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I assume there will be an official reveal this weekend at the NYTF? Kind of hard to judge based on the translation of the list, but there are quite a few that sound promising, especially if the synthesizer is a keytar. :excited:

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A shame there don't appear to be too many new moulds, as the licensed figures seem to lack these. I'd still much prefer multiple regular series each year as there is always something that will appeal for everyone.

Hopefully we'll all still be here in 30 years time with a full minifigure orchestra available, a full zoo of new animal moulds and still playing Itaria's guessing games and solving his clues, with comments like 'we are long overdue an axolotl suit guy'!

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