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[Q-12 - Nixor - TT] "Sand and Deliver!"

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MISSION REPORT: Recapture of Nixor Prison Complex

FROM: Lieutenant Kel Dreng, 341st Imperial Army Battalion (B-Platoon)

TO: Capt. Haer Woanek, 341st Imperial Army Battalion.

SUBJECT: Mission Report (Operation Roundup)


I am pleased to report that our part in Operation Roundup was a success. We were able to capture the HVT alive, and are transferring him to you for public trial - he should arrive shortly after this report. As per your orders, we used non-lethal force, and as such were able to capture his fellow convicts intact. I am sure they'll provide just the labour boost to get the factories back up and running. Your loan of TK-8752 was appreciated - my men lack experience, so having a veteran amongst our ranks proved a boon. 



Your probe droid's intel proved correct - HVT Colonel [CLASSIFIED] of the Rebel Alliance, also known as Inmate #463107 was positively identified, and proved exactly as much of a handful as intel predicted. He and his fellow convicts were using stolen Imperial riot gear. This is fortunate, as our riot troopers had only non-lethal weapons in case of just such an eventuality. The enemy, having seen and disabled our probe droid, knew we were coming. They erected crude barricades in order to keep us out. These feeble defences were no match for TK-8752's marksmanship.




I am willing to admit that we underestimated the HVT, and I take full responsibility for my error in judgement. Due to their defensive positions and the shock of the ambush, we expected them to be suppressed and remain in cover. I absolutely did not account for the possibility that the HVT might simply not care if he got hit - nor that he'd target me first! Without my inspiring leadership to rally the troops, I can only imagine that they were demoralised and despondent by the tranquillising of their beloved commander. This allowed the HVT the opportunity he needed. Instead of remaining behind his barricades, as I expected, he instead charged to press the advantage!



I have been informed that he quickly was able to overpower Cpl Hanz. Fortunately, Pvt Kearn was able to stun his remaining comrade, leaving the HVT alone. Whilst the Pvt moved to disarm and secure the stunned prisoners, TK 8752 squared off against the hardened criminal. From Pvt Kearn's report, the battle was as quick as it was brutal. As skilled as the convict was, he was no match for a veteran Imperial Stormtrooper. He was quickly disarmed, and then stunned at point-blank range.



With their leader captured, I doubt these convicts will give us much more trouble. We shall reassert our control over Nixor shortly, and in doing so shore up our spinward border against potential New Republic incursions. I also recommend we further the training of our Imperial Army troops. We won't be able to rely on Stormtroopers forever - not with the Galactic Concordat stopping us from training new ones. I would also like to put Pvt Kearn for a promotion. He kept his head and fought well under pressure against far more experienced opponents. Oh! We were able to repair your favourite probe droid too - turns out they'd simply stunned it by throwing a shock baton at it.




Hello again!

I actually built this one a few weeks ago, but wasn't sure if it was good enough to actually present. (I eventually tore it apart and made another, more elaborate scene that was based more on building than storytelling, which I'll also upload today). I'm still not, but hey, at least I can get some feedback/constructive criticism! This one went through a few changes - originally it was intended to be on Ruul, a planet within TCR's territory, but I later learned that the 'sandy' look from the pics wasn't in fact sand at all, but tundra! I'll admit, I felt like a bit of a fool after that. Fortunately, I found a desert planet in The Triumvirate's territory that worked just as well! I didn't have enough sand-coloured pieces at the time to get the look I wanted, so I substituted in some white (representing sand blindness - painful glares caused by the reflection of the sun on certain materials, such as snow or sand).

The barricades were intentionally ramshackle, to make it look like they were assembled from the ruins of previous battles. In this story, the prison complex on the planet suffered a breakout during the Galactic Civil War, and only now are the remnants organised enough to recapture the planet. The thing I enjoyed the most was how I was able to build the prisoners. I tried to make them look ramshackle, as they've spent the past year or so scavenging what they can. There are remnants of their original orange prison uniforms, but they've supplemented their outfits with looted riot gear and whatever clothing they can find. Their leader, of course, is the best-equipped. I feel like I succeeded.



Here's a shot that was deleted from the final product - it shows the crew discussing their options shortly after stunning the droid, and provides a look of what their little camp appeared like before it was torn apart to make fortifications. The story was originally to be told in three parts - first, from the prisoner's perspective, then the commander's during the briefing, and finally the Stormtrooper's during the battle itself. I cut this arc because frankly, it was a bit too overly complicated. Simplicity can be strength.

You can see from this build the remnants of an Imperial structure, half-buried in sand. Sadly, I didn't take any shots of the build without miniatures in the way (I tore it down in a fit of despair in the shooting process), but here's a decent shot of what it looked like.

This one was a frustrating exercise of doing as much as possible with a very limited sand parts supply, but overall, I'm at peace with how it turned out.

I won't be entering the Probe Droid in Factions III, as it is based on a design I saw online once, and not something I feel comfortable taking credit for.

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