ODA 401

[GBW] - Reconnaissance - Plighia - A Quite Mid-afternoon

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Location: Undisclosed

Time: 1300 hrs


                       "Good morning sleepy-head."

        Agent 1: "Hey come on, that was just a power nap. . . anyways you want some Joe?"

        Agent 2: "Yes please."

48751544858_1998290bbb_n.jpgGBW-Plighia by

        Agent 1: "Ahh. . .what a good vacation; an ocean-side apartment in a foreign country with the woman of my dreams by my side. . .

        Agent 2: "Do you want me to send you to your room?"

Two agents from Plighia's Foreign Intelligence Agency (FIA) are following a possible lead on an arms deal involving terrorists.

        Agent 1: "If it involves going back to bed, then yes. . .Anything interesting pop up?"

        Agent 2: "Nothing yet, its weird though that the streets are empty. . .Especially the beach."

        Agent 1: "Didn't you read the document? Everyone is taking a siesta."


Two men round the corner along the beach, coming into view. A truck slows down to a stop, backs off the road, and three other men climb out. One of them is in an Army uniform while the other two are wearing combat gear and holding machine-pistols.

         Agent 2: "Oh yeah. . .Hold on, I have two military-aged males walking along the sidewalk by the sand. . they just popped into view."

        Agent 1: "They are probably just some light sleepers."

        Agent 2: "Maybe, but what about that truck that's. . . slowing down and has just stopped right next to the two men?"

        Agent 1: "I'll get set on the vocal-receiver. . .Man, I was beginning to think this was a dead lead."

        Agent 2: "You and me both. . .Hold on, three men just got out of the truck. It looks like their all wearing military-style uniforms."

48752061472_b390281d79.jpgGBW-Plighia by ODA 401, on Flickr

Agent 1 moves quickly over to the laptop and begins to listen through the microwave eavesdropping device. 

        Agent 1: "This might be interesting."

        Agent 2: "Are you picking up anything from that device?"

        Agent 1: "Just some small talk, their greeting each other. Listen to this:


                       Muffled voices: ". . .Do you have items? Yes, but only a sample, the rest are at the warehouse. When do I pick it up? In three weeks time. . . "

        Agent 1: "Jackpot! Do you have any photos yet?"


        Agent 2: "Working on it. . . show me your faces please. I'm sending them to you."


48751887081_69a34aaaf3_m.jpg 48751886956_cc26a8d6d9_m.jpg

        Agent 1: "Sending them to facial recognition now. . . Hello, who do we have here."



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Judges’ comments…

I liked this build as it brought in a new perspective of something we haven't really seen yet. There were plenty of little details spread through out. The only thing I would say to improve on something of this size would be cleaning up the interior a bit. A lot of the exposed studs took away from some of your other details. Great work!

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing

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