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[MOC] MICRO Steam Locomotive [instructions]

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I hope this is the right forum to post this :)

Recently I got challenged by my friend Felix to build a micro-scale steam locomotive. I have never tried building anything like this but I gotta say I was surprised how much fun it can be. The new pieces definitely open the whole another world of possibilities when it comes to tiny builds like this. And I am really quite pleased with the result :)


If you want to build your own, I put together building instructions which you can get for free on Rebrickable!

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17 hours ago, Pdaitabird said:

Once again you've proved to be the master of micro-scale! Just one question: does it have power functions? :grin:

I wouldn't grant myself such title but thanks! That's flattering :D I didn't implement PF but it should be an easy mod I think...

14 hours ago, Retro said:

Very cute. It's nice to see people building across a range of subjects and sizes!

Thanks! I would have never gotten around it wasn't it for the challenge :D In hindsight I think I should build more various stuff more often.

@zephyr1934 Thank you!


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