Stranger Things Season 3 - Suzie, do you copy?

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Saturday is Stranger Things upload day, so let's go:

Meanwhile Dustin Henderson returns home after being away a month, none of his old friends responding to his radio calls. Sitting in his room, Dustin remarks how his turtle is the only one happy he is home, just before all of his toys spontaneously come to life and start moving out of his room in a procession, seemingly of their own volition but actually under the control of El. Dustin grabs hair spray and follows them, ready to attack and telling himself that it’s all a dream, before they suddenly stop moving. As Dustin investigates, El, Max, Lucas, Mike, and Will come out from behind a wall with a large "welcome home" poster and surprise him, causing Dustin to freak out and spray Lucas in the face with hair spray. Back at Henderson house, Dustin is building a new, powerful radio to be able to talk to his new girlfriend, Suzie, all around the world. This intrigues Mike, El, and the others, all rushing to meet his new girlfriend.
Hopper tries unsuccessfully to get Joyce Byers to go on a date while the Party heads to the top of a hill to construct Dustin's powerful radio. Mike and El excuse themselves, citing "curfew" even at 4 PM, while the rest of the gang heads on. Will however, is still uneasy, and rats walk past his feet. All around the city rats are congregating at Brimborn Steel Works, where they explode gruesomely.
Just after the rest of the Party leaves Dustin behind, Dustin picks up Russian encoded communications on his radio. The Soviet scientists have once again rebuilt their ray, and they are using it to open another Gate to the Upside Down.

48731214166_6888b5cebd.jpgStranger Things Season 3 - Suzie, do you copy? by KevFett2011, auf Flickr

I hope you like the second Season 3 Stranger Things vignette and of course I would be pleased to get feedback.

Greetings Kevin 

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I can’t speak to the accuracy or subject matter as I’m one of those rare folk who’s never seen this show...but I’ve checked out each of your builds & they’re all well done, I love the builds. 

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