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Still not pirate ships, as such, but some of them could be handy for a bit of raiding.


The models resemble five ships from just after 1000 A. D. Viking-age in Scandinavia.

They are minifig-scale or 1:40’ish.

The largest model, Skuldelev 2, will have the dimensions Length: 80 cm, Height: 40 cm (with stand), Width: 10,5 cm

The smallest model, Skuldelev 6, will have the dimensions Length: 29 cm, Height: 21,5 cm (with stand), Width: 7 cm


There is approx. 4900 bricks in the models combined.

With 2100 going to Skuldelev 2, 1100 to skuldelev 1 and 450-700 bricks for each of the other ships.


The main source of reference is the The viking Ship Museum: Vikingeskibsmuseet i Roskilde

The focus of the museum is a permanent exhibition of the five original Viking ships excavated nearby in 1962.

The line drawings and data found at the museum is the basis for the models and the replicas Ottar, The Sea Stallion from Glendalough, Roar Ege, Helge Ask and Kraka Fyr are invaluable source material for the colors and final look.


Skuldelev 1 til 6 Render.lxf

Information about the ships can be found here and at the links found above


Skuldelev 1 Render.lxf

Skuldelev 1 A “large”cargo vessel (Knarr), 1030 A. D.

Skuldelev 2 Render.lxf

Skuldelev 2 (and 4, see information) A Warship (Skeid), 1042 A. D.

 Skuldelev 3 Render.lxf

Skuldelev 3 A cargo vessel (Byrding), 1040 A. D.

Skuldelev 5 Render.lxf

Skuldelev 5 A small warship (Snekkja), 1030 A. D.


Skuldelev 6 Render.lxf

Skuldelev 6 A fishing boat or small cargo vessel (Ferje), 1030 A. D.

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Very cool ships, I can imagine they'd feel very good in one's hands. :wub: 

Excellent work!



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