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[MOD] Daytona Omnis R2 (for 8081 extreme cruiser modification contest)

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Greetings, i want to introduce my MOD of official set 8081, made for @Thirdwigg's and @rm8's fan contest. Warning, pictoral heavy post ahead.

We all know about bug hit in SUV market - Daytona Extreme Cruiser - city suv with v-4 under hhe hood, stylish body and good offroad perfomance, while being rwd only. We heard that new generatiopn is under development now. Soon maybe we see spy photos of prototypes on their test drive... But lets look back, in the past, to see what lies in roots of Extreme Cruiser. What allowed Daytona automobiles to test new ideas and engeneering soutions...

Meet the Daytona Omnis R2



It was produced in early 80-es in small quanities and today it become a rare classic. Underrated, but classic.

View from all sides:





As it sucsessor, it features openable hood, doors and trunk


Under the hood supercharged v-4 engine could be found. Also unique front suspension can be seen too. Rear suspension is regular live axle.


Car have spartan interior which aside of front seats has also small rear bench, making car 2+2 seats formula


Lets look on Omnis from below


You can see vehicle's 2+N synchronized transmission and suspension, which has long travel and soft shock absorbers, ensuring comfort and smooth ride even on off-road. 

Examples of suspension travel 




Hope that you enjoyed our little demonstration.

LXF file with model - Daytona Omnis R2.lxf?dl=0


Really hoping to see your comments and suggestions on my mod.

Edited by Arioh
Added LXF file with model

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Thanks, im always do lxf files of my models to save them if i want to rebuild them again later. Also hope thst you liked my variant of 8081

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