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Hey and welcome to Jurassic Park!

Over the last weeks I built 18 scenes to honor the classic movie from '93.
By a lucky coincidence I was first reading the book in spring, before I got the opportunity to write a review of the new T.rex rampage set for New E. Of course I had to re-watch the movie to do so properly and immediately got inspired to build the different scenes myself:


The movie begins at the dig site where Ellie Sattler and Alan Grant find a velociraptor. 

They get interrupted by Mr. Hammond who invites the two to visit his island. "We spared this!" - "For today"

Meanwhile Dennis Nedry has a suspicious meeting: "Dodgson, we've got Dodgson here! See nobody cares."

The two paleontologists arrive at Isla Nublar and discover what Hammond is up to: He is breeding dinosaurs.

Hammond and Nedry have a conflict: "Dennis, our lives are in your hands, and you have butterfingers?"

Together with the layer Gennaro and Hammond's grandkids Tim and Lexi they start tour through Jurassic Park. 

Besides a sick Triceratops they are not lucky with seeing any dinosaurs.

To find the reason for the Triceratops sickness Ellie doesn't eschew any unusual actions. "Dino... droppings?"

Nedry has shut down the security system to steal the dinosaur embryos.

While on the way back the power is gone, the cars stop right in front of the paddock and the T. rex brakes out.

When you gotta go, you gotta go...

On the way to the docks Nedry takes a wrong turn, crashes the jeep and learns the hard way that Dilophosaurus spit.

The T. rex has pushed the Ford Explorer with Timi inside down in the moat, where it lands in a tree.

Ian Malcolm gets saved, but peculiar ripples in the puddle and a recurring booming noises predict the Tyrannosaur is coming back. "Must go faster!"

Shells of velociraptor eggs proof that the dinosaurs are breeding eventhough all dinosaurs are told to be female: "Life found a way!

Ellie gets to the maintenance and switches the power back on, but gets surprised by a raptor.

After their adventures tour Tim and Lexi want to get something to eat, but get interrupted by two velociraptors and flee in the kitchen.

In an action packed last scene Alan and the group try too flee from the Raptors and climb down in the foyer of the visitor center. Before the Raptors can attack them the T-rex appears in last second and saves the day.

A click on the pictures brings you to flickr or you can check out the full album here.
Most of the used techniques were also explained in my Storys on Instagram. (Unfortunately only available with account.)

I hope you like the series. I did and was quite surprised how many different locations the movie offered. I had expected to build much for forest and foliage.
If you want to build your own Ford Explorer or Jurassic Park Jeep you can find the instructions here.


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Wow! They look brilliant! You caught the essence of each scene spot on. Really impressive. Especially considering that you didn't only build one or two scenes. :classic:

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I feel like I just watched the movie...great job! The builds are fantastic, the Dino skeleton being really great. The breaker section in the maintenance room is cleverly done, & I love all the foliage throughout. 

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I don't think I've ever seen Jurasssic Park (or read the book), but these are totally brilliant. I love the sick triceratops in number 7! He really doesnt look well. Number 17 is my favourite. The dinosaur is so cute (and scary) and the poses of the minifigures' legs are great. It looks like a mash up between Aliens and the Parisian Restaurant.

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