[MOC] IT - Pennywise the Dancing Clown(2019)

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48688405388_2560500992_c.jpgIT(2019)- Pennywise the Dancing Clown by city son

"You'll laugh, you'll cry! You'll cheer, you'll die! Introducing Pennywise the Dancing Clown!"

Have been quite some time from my last post! Finally able to show my take on the famous killer clown! Captivated by the character after watching the first movie, I started drafting and testing the possibility of building a realistic face for Pennywise at such small scale immediate back then in Christmas 2017(Especially after seeing the amazing headsculpt by Tim Lydy!:wub:), and then slowly worked through the rest of the body in summer 2018. However, I never really feel like I got his chin quite right until I finally cracked the puzzle on the last day of my summer break this year, right in time for Chapter 2 to hit the theatre! Hope you guys enjoy it!?

48688741861_f4450af26f_c.jpgIT(2019)- Pennywise the Dancing Clown by city son

48688742186_d800e82f98_c.jpgIT(2019)- Pennywise the Dancing Clown by city son

48688910632_2da4f2f876_c.jpgIT(2019)- Pennywise the Dancing Clown by city son
A little note here, the mouth was hands down the most challenging part of the entire build, but it's also the most important bit, as nothing would have worked without that iconic creepy smile of Pennywise! The sausage piece was almost, I would say, the go-to solution at this scale, but it took me many trials with different pieces or even the official red rubber band at some point. And even when I eventually found this 1x2 plate with handle, the connection behind it also made it very difficult for me to finish off the chin.

48688910322_5d38b708bc_c.jpgIT(2019)- Pennywise the Dancing Clown by city son

48683415931_7e1bf62b1e_c.jpgIT(2019) - Teaser by city son

48683590337_f622deaf81_c.jpgIT(2019) - Mini Pennywise by city son

Upon finishing the gigantic Pennywise statue, I actually used the table scrap to build a mini Pennywise...nothing fancy but kind of cute to stand it right next to its big brother! :tongue: The logo was actually built before everything else, originally as the base for Pennywise, but in the end I found it looks better on its own, so there's that.

48677822746_5be93cd21c_c.jpgIT(2019) - Logo by city son

Hope you guys like IT, and looking forward to comments~ :blush:

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Beautiful build overall.  I think the hair and face are particularly well done, and your lighting on the IT logo is great as well (and in the other photos).  The combination of slopes and curves and SNOT on the collar is outstanding.  :classic:

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My Jaw is dropping down!

this this is so wrong but so beautiful

can't stop watching your pics!


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I love how you managed to get the facial expression to look so perfect! What technique have you used for the eyes? Is there actually some black insid the yellow parts?

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