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[MOC] Winter Chalet.. Help me!

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In a distant December 2013 I presented here on EuroBricks a moc to which I am particularly attached: the Winter Chalet!

This building took part like many others in my winter village which year after year became an ever larger diorama.
Given the interest I decided to include (several years later) the Winter Chalet on LEGO Ideas and immediately had a great success!
I didn't think I would get that high on the score score.



I have never done too much publicity on this project but now there are less than 2000 votes to reach the summit and I need you!
Even if maybe it will never become a LEGO set I would love to get up there ...
If you haven't seen or known it yet, go and see my video that I uploaded to YouTube:



If you like this project, help me support it!

Let your friends know about it, help me reach 10,000 votes.

Thank you so much for your support!

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I clicked the link and discovered I was already supporting the project. Welp. Guess I spend even more time online than I thought.


The building is cozy and adorable, good luck.

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