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StarryFriender 200: 70849 Alt Build

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I had a ton of fun on this alt build! It's a redux of the classic 1987 Stardefender 200 from the Futuron series. I used only a single copy of the new Lego Movie 2 set 70849-1: Wyld-Mayhem Star Fighter

Behold the StarryFriender 200:


I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I was able to keep the same overall design with a central sloping canopy, dual forward mandible guns, and detachable side pods. 

Obviously the name is a gag; the set has many "Friends" colors.


The pods are about as small as they can be while still fitting a minifig. I don't think I had the pieces to make them any bigger! 


The rear is a little busy. I decided to use the colorful curvy pieces there for some visual interest. This is a Systar ship after all. I used the small cones as thrusters like the original Stardefender 200. 


Thanks for looking!

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This is great! 

I am fortunate to have a well-worn Stardefender 200 in my collection.  It's very damaged (bricks/plates were used in childhood MOCs that had varying degrees of sun exposure, so random areas of the ship are badly discolored and look like they've been exposed to atmospheric reentry heat a few too many times), but the design is so memorable that I keep it on one of my display shelves.

Your build is very sleek and modern.  I like the subtle differences between the colors used in the side pods, and your interpretation of design cues like the front guns and engine exhaust nozzles.  A very creative take on a classic set.

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Thanks @hagridshut!

Yes, the Stardefender 200 design is iconic! It's my favorite Lego space ship, tied only with Starfleet Voyager. I'm very biased though because I actually had both as a kid. 

I'd like to do a more faithful redux at some point. I've seen a few online and they're all good.  

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