75149 Resistance T-70 X-Wing MOD with parts list

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I picked this set up last year, I have tried many ways to modded the wings, this is the latest version which remained unchanged for around 6 months.

The biggest problems for this set and the black/orange version is that the wings overlap, I have to fill up the each top engine nacelles with 1 x 3795 Light Bluish Gray Plate 2 x 6 , 1 x 3023 Dark Bluish Gray Plate 1 x 2. Move the existing parts around to rebuild the front wings, swapped the position of the 2 slopes (3298 and 3297). The end result is that each wing is 3 studs thick, when closed the whole wing combined is 4 studs thick.

Additional parts required below, I apologise in advance if I missed any, I have tried so many different combinations overtime that I have to refer to the original building instructions to what the wings look like originally. 

For the nose

1 x 3069b sand blue 1 x 2 tile

1 x 807079 Light Bluish Grey 2 x 4 tile

For the wings

2 x 3795 Light Bluish Gray Plate 2 x 6 

2 x 3023 Dark Blueish Gray Plate 1 x 2

4 x 3024 Dark Bluish Gray Plate 1 x 1 


4 x 3713 Light Bluish Gray Technic Bush

48650715696_fd0c42f8c1_c.jpg75149 Mod by R Y, on Flickr

48650354678_90301079e7_c.jpg75149 Nose by R Y, on Flickr

48650353073_c1ee4f8e07_c.jpg75149 Wings Closed Front by R Y, on Flickr

48650713986_13db947866_c.jpg75149 Wings Close Back by R Y, on Flickr

48650860347_12b91acce8_c.jpg75149 Wings Open Front by R Y, on Flickr

48650712401_ecbe13fbed_c.jpg75149 Wings Open Back by R Y, on Flickr

48650859387_be1a97ee0a_c.jpg75149 Back Wing Topside by R Y, on Flickr

48650717346_2bea0f5ee2_c.jpg75149 Back Wing Underside by R Y, on Flickr

48650716796_5a6b433962_c.jpg75149 Front Wing Topside by R Y, on Flickr

48650356093_9385db9e0a_c.jpg75149 Front Wing Underside by R Y, on Flickr

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