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[MOC] Stranger Things Season 2 - Close the Gate

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The last Stranger Things Season 2 Vignette, the FINAL countdown, here we go:

While Eleven reunites with her friends, she reveals to Joyce that she knows about Will's sufferings and that, the only way to defeat the Mind Flayer is to close the Gate. As Eleven assures Hopper that she can close the Gate, Mike points out that it may kill the whole Mind Flayer's army, Will included. The group then formulates a plan. Joyce, Jonathan, and Nancy plan to force the Mind Flayer out of Will by exposing him to extreme heat. While they do that, Eleven and Hopper plan to head to Hawkins Lab to close the Gate. Before going, Eleven promises Mike that he will not lose her again.
While Hopper and Eleven were en route to the lab, Eleven reveals that she visited her mother but admits that she shouldn't have left. Hopper apologizes to Eleven and regrets for lying about her mother. He tells her that it's all his fault and that he is sorry for everything he forced on her, because he thought he would lose Eleven just like he'd lost his daughter. They both hold their hands and forgive each other.
Meanwhile, Hopper and Eleven reach the labs, finding everyone massacred by the Demodogs, and encounter Dr. Owens who is severely injured. As Hopper patches him up, Dr. Owens becomes surprised to see Eleven. Hopper reveals that he has been protecting her for about a year and convinces Dr. Owens to help her lead a normal life after everything she's doing to save everybody's lives. Reaching the basement of the Lab, Hopper and Eleven witness the lights flickering and hear the sound of Demodogs. Hopper requests her to stay back and as he prepares to attack the swarming Demodogs, he and Eleven are surprised to see them flee away. Jonathan informs Hopper that the Mind Flayer is successfully expelled from Will. Hearing the news, Hopper and Eleven took down the elevator to reach the Gate. 
Appearing before the Gate which has grown even gigantic, Eleven starts using her powers in order to close it. The Mind Flayer senses her strength and sends all the Demogorgons to attack her. Hopper defends Eleven from the swarming Demodogs as she closes the Gate, remembering all the trauma she went through to empower herself to seal the Gate. 
Despite the Mind Flayer's attempts, Eleven successfully channels her strength and closes the portal she opened, ending the threat of the Upside Down once and for all, as well as killing all the remaining Demogorgons in the process. Hopper embraces and commends her for her bravery as they both return.

48647590162_0b02a97be6.jpgStranger Things Season 2  - Close the Gate by KevFett2011, auf Flickr

I hope you like the last Season 2 Vignette as much as I like to build it, it is one of my favourite Scenes in the series and I had a lot of fun Building it. I would be pleased to get feedback :D

Greetings Kevin 


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