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[MOC] Artemis

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The Artemis is a long range starfighter built by the Mars Corporation. Its main weapon is a  high density laser beam, powered by a powerfull  generator. The two thrusters of the Artemis allow it to fly up to the outer atmosphere of Mars and target objectives in low orbit.

Another build in my Mars Corporation building theme. The Artemis was my entry to the Bricklink building contest... I posted renders earlier, but finally took the time to take some pictures of the real thing.

48637522448_406f8babca_c.jpgArtemis by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr

48638014047_80918b4f55_c.jpgArtemis by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr

48637521963_cb20b49b6e_c.jpgArtemis by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr

48637872136_a59344c2e8_c.jpgArtemis by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr

48637872621_e0b47f0430_c.jpgArtemis by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr

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Another great ship Bob, I love the lines and shaping!  It looks pretty solid, is it swooshable? I love the trans-blue hose, are the attached blue (azure?) boat tiles supposed to be fuel cells?  The color really pops when compared to the rest of the ship, I like it.   It would've been great to have a ship in the bricklink contest, I hope there's another one!

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This looks very good. I like the engines a lot. They got a nice angle and excellent shaping. Its also nice to get some close-ups. There are so many details that otherwise would have got missed. Excellent build.:classic:

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