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[S15 - Molavar - TCR] Make sure the sand doesn't get in!

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Somewhere on the desert planet Molavar...

Sr. Stormtrooper Sergeant, TK427: I don't get it son. Every night you clean that armor. Y'know the remnant ain gonna give two pieces of bantha pudu...

Cadet, TK1144: I don't like sand. It gets in everywhere!


Sorry for the quick build, I wanted to get something out before I go for a short vacation. 

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It might be a quick build, but the result is quite nice for its size! On a rather small footprint, you give us a nice variety of terrain which matches very well with the content you are presenting. It makes sense to build a shelter next to rocks that provide a sturdy foundation as well as provide some cover but still on a rather flat and somewhat soft piece of land. The couple of smaller rock pieces poking through the ground you just have to live with. And the sand pouring over the rocks, almost as if it is sneaking into the shelter, perfectly reinforces the things you are saying about sand: it does get everywhere (maybe a small pile of sand where the trooper is removing the sand from his armor would be a logical detail too). So the landscape you built is both pretty to look at ánd is in perfect harmony with the rest of the scene.

The shelter itself looks the part too. It definitely has the prefab feel with the tube-like construction, the net (which has the added bonus of kind of blurring the background so you get some more perspective effect) and the portable equipment inside. The slant of the net and the inclusion of the lamps suggests to me that you intend for this to represent a cutaway view of an enclosed tent, but I think you could have made that effect a little bit clearer still because now it could also look like a fence that has fallen over due to the wind. Maybe some kind of entrance at either side could help. Or maybe you could add some cloth pieces at the top of the net, as if they were rolled up curtains, and light the build from the back to get a bit of different lighting between what should be the inside and outside. That could also really help to set them apart visually without the need for a lot of building, and it would definitely create a more inside-y feeling.

Finally, just a great job on all the little things! The pile of bricks next to the trooper perfectly suggests a set of dismanteled armour, way more than just a separate minifig torso could ever do even though it seems like the obvious choice. And I like how the trooper is holding some kind of cleaning cloth or sponge or whatever, to really make him seem busy cleaning. Just the fact that a minifig can't really look down seems to limit you a bit, as now the minifig seems lost in though instead of actually invested in cleaning, him staring off in the distance like that. Maybe you could instead lift the arm with the helmet up, as if he is really looking inside and pulling the dust out with the help of gravity. That could both make the action even clearer and direct the look of the minifig to the point that should interest us most from a story standpoint.

In the end it's a great build! Building small really helps you to appreciate the details!


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