[MOC] 03's Viper fighter

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Small fighter initially developed by Axos for Yaegers during Xion Wars, with some of the wrecked spacecraft rebuilt and modified by the Terra Confederation. Presented version was developed for Yaeger 03.

Technical specifications:

  • Power core - Zirum Crystal based, based off leftover Aeromi technology adapted to human tech. While Axos used exclusively stabilised crystals in all tech, the Terra Confederation used artificially enhanced crystals in their modified fighters.
  • Engines - 3 thrusters capable of propelling the Viper to a (factory limited) max speed of 200000 km/s in space. forward-facing thrusters are used for braking.
  • Weaponry - wide range of customisation depending on Yaeger. 03's version had 4 swappable fuselage-mounted barrel guns and 2 swappable wing cannons as well as missiles. Refractor and shield-breakers were installed along with un-disclosed tech.

Lore over (for now). This model was an accident most of it's development - it started out during the dissasembly of "Bugeye" , when the 3D panels were placed back to back. The fiting placement of bionicle chestplate as rear part of tail was a pleasant surprise. The Technic looks are missing Technic functionality (only cabin is openable, the main thruster does not rotate for VTOL mode...) but not too shabby in the end.

Photos (folder not yet public, but miniatures below can be enlarged)



img_0374.jpg_thumb.jpg img_0376.jpg_thumb.jpg img_0377.jpg_thumb.jpg img_0397.jpg_thumb.jpg img_0386.jpg_thumb.jpg img_0385.jpg_thumb.jpg img_0384.jpg_thumb.jpg img_0382.jpg_thumb.jpg 

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Great work integrating all of the technic/bionicle pieces, but most of all, I love that you used a technic figure! Also, I'm practically drooling over the metallic silver. This is a great piece to me, I love it! :thumbup:

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