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[MOC] Stranger Things Season 2 - Will's exorcism

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Hey guys,it's saturday that means it is Stranger Things vignette upload day :  Season 2 vignette nr 4 , here we go:

While Eleven reunites with her friends, she reveals to Joyce that she knows about Will's sufferings and that, the only way to defeat the Mind Flayer is to close the Gate. As Eleven assures Hopper that she can close the Gate, Mike points out that it may kill the whole Mind Flayer's army, Will included. The group then formulates a plan. Joyce, Jonathan, and Nancy plan to force the Mind Flayer out of Will by exposing him to extreme heat. While they do that, Eleven and Hopper plan to head to Hawkins Lab to close the Gate. Before going, Eleven promises Mike that he will not lose her again. Joyce, Jonathan and Nancy expose Will to extreme heat at the Hopper cabin, who under the Mind Flayer's control, unconsciously starts choking his mother, before Nancy burns his hand with a fire poker. The Mind Flayer leavs the uninhabitable host. You can see it because a dark fog is leaving the mouth of Will and escapes through the door into the forest. 

48611771441_ac85abde9c.jpgStranger Things Season 2 - Will's exorcism by KevFett2011, auf Flickr

I hope you like this scene and of course I would be pleased to get feedback :D

Greetings Kevin 

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