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(MOC) DSB Litra DB (II)

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Presenting another Danish wagon...a design-project for another Danish LUG-member to build and test in real bricks (!)

DSB Litra DB (II)

The Danish State Railways' (DSB) improved Litra DB (II) travelling post offices (TPOs) were built by Scandia in Denmark.

5 were built in 1961.

All have been scraped today, the last one in 2011.

The model:

Digital but has been built and being tested irl with free bulding instructions also in the works :classic:

Original DSB maroon livery used from the fifties to the seventies - with Dark Red a very good match albeit a bit too clean :laugh:

Scale: ~1:50
Lenght: 34 bricks
Width: 7 bricks
Bricks: 808 (very heavy, so ball bearings recommended)
Designed: 2012 & 2017 & 2019

Sadly the LEGO Digital Designer file was lost a few years ago when all my data were lost (including multiple backups). 
So I had to recreate the model from scratch using two remaining screenshots posted online. Rather strange experience to reverse engineering yourself *huh*

Very high setting render from with custom decals done in the PartDesigner tool and some manuel editing.


The roof can be removed, giving access inside the wagon and the doors can slide in opposite directions by flipping the blocking hinge parts down.


Technique used for the bogies - prepared for ball bearings :classic:


Maybe some photoes of the real thing will be added later when completely done...:classic:

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