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Continuous Power for Mindstorm

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I wanted to power static Mindstorm builds at shows/events through wall power instead of rechargable AA batteries. I was going to design my own AA battery adapters then I found these on Thingiverse. They came in STL files that can be 3D printed. You only need to print two per Mindstorm unit. They have a nice opening to feed the wires through.

AA Battery Eliminator by movotrab:


I had to make a small notch on the battery cover for the wires to come out.


From here you connect to a 9V DC wall adapter.



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For High power models the leaving the rechargeable battery plugged in does not work.  I had a 5 NXT Pinball Machine.  4 were fine.  But the one on the flippers would die about 3 hours into a show.  So I kept a spare battery to swap in.

For most people, this is probably not an issues.  But for things that never stop the motors its something to think about.

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