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REVIEW: 70848 Systar Party Crew

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Here is my video review on 70848 Systar Party Crew:


  • Stardust Benny!  Can't believe they actually made it.
  • Unikitty boa scarf, seriously I now wonder why the left out the cape for the wedding ver. Batman.
  • Printed keyboard tiles!


  • The speaker is a bit lame especially given just one.
  • For people in Australia and NZ, this is pretty hard to get.

This is actually a great character pack!  Stardust benny itself worth the money!  And this set is actually good value.  On top of that you also get 2 printed keyboard tiles!  Unikitty boa scarf is great too, it's unbelievably soft! (LEGO, please give us the cape for the wedding Batman!) . I actually like the dance floor too.  Other accessories are kinda miss but parts are always useful.  Recommend this to everyone!



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