[MOC] Neo Classic Space Train

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Earlier last year I was in the middle of another MOC project and it proved to be more involved and difficult than I initially thought.  So I took a break from it... and I started playing around with some LBG parts around a train motor and ended up building a Neo Classic Space Train (Spacetrain SPACETRAIN!).  Because why not.  :wink:   

It does run! There is enough clearance between the pentagonal tiles and the wheel bases for it to turn around standard Lego track radii.   I've run it at public shows, although it is quite heavy and only has one motor in it for now, so its top speed is a bit limited.   I might add another motor at some point to speed it up, but I've been busy on other MOCs instead!   Larger resolution photos are on flickr.  

Hope you enjoy it!  Was tempted to post in the train forum but not sure whether its more space or more train... :sweet:


48477883337_1617997d1a_c.jpgClassic Space Train Overview by Magma X, on Flickr

Reverse Angle

48477883232_0b5cf7f25f_c.jpgClassic Space Train Reverse Angle by Magma X, on Flickr

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It really is both: Space (superb) and Train (superb as well).

Space and this train go along very, very well. You captured both: The demands in space (as: on a planet that is demanding), as well as the "train idea": Running cargo and transporting people through rough terrain.

Very well done.

All the best,


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I agree 100% with what Toastie posted about the build, but also wanted to add that I really like the technique you used for ballasting the track & building the trestle:  Still recognizable as such, but with that certain futuristic spacey look to it that fits in with pretty much any Neo Classic Space build I've ever seen (including some official ones like Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, Spaceship!).

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Great idea to put classic space and freight trains together. Having something doing bulk transportation over the surface of an alien planet - works to me! :classic:

I really like how you built the elevated track. It could be something straight out of the star wars universe. Nicely utilitarian and heavy looking, still futuristic. Sadly the train itself does not work with me. The middle section looks unnecessarily tall; like a hump. An overall lower silhouette would have worked better, i think. Maybe giving it more resemblance to the space ships. I would also add more greebling on the sides and work more with colours. Some black and yellow warning strips, pipes and lights and maybe some visible hydraulic pistons. 

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