[ MOC] Trailer Chassis with Independent Suspension

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I'm planning on building a cargo trailer for the upcoming Land Rover Defender!:grin:










Next, I might plan on building the drawbar.

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1. You definatelly need some reinforcing to make everything more stable.

2. Dont make the same suspension mistake as the Bugatti - use smooth pins

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I like the direction you're going, it's a nice looking design.

As posted above reinforcing the axle would be needed if you plan to add an weight to it. A simple axle between the wheels would help greatly. You could also use the links with tow ball from MB Arocs set. That would give the solid axle some extra flex. Maybe even use the same axle design used in that set. The downside would be far less ground clearance between the wheels.

Guess it depends on how much weight you plan to add to it. Are you going to build a deck or side rails? I think a brick built deck using plates and tiles would look sweet. 

Looking forward to seeing more progress.:thumbup:

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