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Hi everybody.


I'm Thierry, from France, currently 45 years old. Back into LEGO since a few weeks only, due to a combination of recent events.

Back, because I of course played LEGO a lot when I was a child/teen :

- especially with the Technic series since I was 6 years old (I always loved using gears because they impressed me when I discovered them when I was 3 years old) : most often for trying to build things by myself, after building the official models.

- later, with the early 80's Space series

In general, I was always passionate about mechanics first (clocks, electrical toys...) then electronics, and later computer science (which make my current job : electronic board design, sometimes with embedded software).

Some stringent limitations with earlier Technic LEGO parts made me stop using them, especially the inability to rotate gears independently on a same axle (this was before the differential bodies, and the Samsonite gears were totally unknown to me !).

For me, the so-named dark age didn't mean forgetting about my special interest in mechanics, playing with non-LEGO parts, either scavenged or, in the beginning of the decade, custom made thanks to 3D-printing.

Then, in May 2019, on a makers exhibition, I met PG52 and saw his masterpiece (a detachable chairlift) and also a few GBC modules he assembled or sometimes designed (I already knew about GBC because I already found this by chance several years ago on YouTube and spent a few evenings watching it).

After that, watching a lot of GBC-related videos and discovering impressive mechanisms (of course some of them from Akiyuki, especially the Strain Wave gear, but not exclusively), I felt a strong desire to start building LEGO machines again, especially as design limits were reduced, thanks to new parts (for example, geared turntables, gears with round holes) and new LEGO build paradigms (studless, SNOT...).

That's why I'm here.

Currently putting money in "new generation" spare parts, having ideas for building variations of known GBC modules at a lower scale, a few not yet implemented ideas... perhaps later exploring the building of clocks too...

I don't know for how long this delight will last and I have not the will/motivation (and the time and money) to reach the same level as the big fans I admire, but I want to take as much pleasure as I can in playing LEGO again.

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Welcome aboard !

Bienvenue cher compatriote !

enjoy your stay with us and have fun !

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mathieulego, Falandrin,


Merci pour l'accueil / Thanks for the welcoming...


Something I forgot to tell in my introduction about the interest of using LEGO : creativity comes from technical limits, the same way as when coding demos or impressive games on vintage computers.

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