Kübelwagen Type 157 Railcar [Brickmania MOD]

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Designed by Ferdinand Porsche and built by Volkswagen, the Kübelwagen was the German equivalent to the jeep during WW2. Like the jeep, it could be modified for use in a wide variety of roles. One such modification kit allowed the vehicle to operate on a railway by fitting metal discs between the road wheels and body. It was then driven onto the tracks and the discs adjusted to fit inside the rails. The “Kubel” could then be driven as normal along the track. The discs could be removed and stored on top of the spare wheel when being driven on roads.

Known as the Kübelwagen Type 157, these railcars were used as maintenance vehicles, transporting key personnel and general patrolling.

48499013472_5c210f23f4_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr


My version is a quick MOD of the Kübelwagen kit recently released by Brickmania. I changed the wheels and axles as well as moving the headlights to accommodate the slightly larger spare wheel. I also added a rear bar which was also part on the original conversion kit (not sure what it did but I’ve seen it described as a bumper or tow bar!). The decorated door/rear tiles are Brickmania texture printed parts. (I added the number plate sticker).

Close up of the wheel/disc arrangement.

48498841821_650a8bc2a6_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr


Rear view showing the tow bar/bumper - not entirely accurate (and it blocks the opening engine cover) but the best I could come up with!

48498841816_fa17aa29cb_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr


Ready for the road (unfortunately, as you can see, the raised centre of the discs make them stack higher than they real life ones would!)

48499013352_a1fa6f495c_c.jpgUntitled by g.nat, on Flickr


Finally a link to a Youtube vid showing a restored version in action. Video of the real thing

I know it's not a "real" train but thanks for looking - comments are always welcome!!

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That's great.  The overall shape of the vehicle is so well done, and I love the functionality you've included!  Definitely a shame on the stacking of the discs being out of proportion, but that's a pretty minor annoyance given how lovely the rest of the build is.  Thanks for sharing!  :classic:

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Great looking model - the tow bar is a nice addition! As for the stacked discs, I have to admit my first thought was "Kraut death ray!" My favorite part is the windshield frame. :thumbup:

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My new favorite war machine.  And love the video!  The shape is spot on and i like the doors

If your planning on keeping it together I would try to find another solution for the disks.  Or if your not opposed file the "hubs" down so they stack better.

Saying that i do love the playability they give though

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