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[MOC] Transformer Triple Changer Broadside turns into aircraft carrier and jet plane

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Broadside is one of my favorite triple changers ever since I set my eyes on his G1 toy photo decades ago. 
I had a chance to acquire Chinese KO version of him many years ago (bundled together with a few KO combiner limbs) but sadly missed out on it.   So I never owned / played with this toy to understand his notoriety as a brick-former in the TF fandom. 


Anyway...  9 years ago I attempted LEGO Broadside version 1 (below) .



As you can see... the ship mode looks fat  and the plane mode has saggy wings. duh!


Few months ago  I started  this v2 project after I saw a photo of Macross Valkyrie in my FB feed . That's an eureka moment where I kinda got the transformation to jet mode figured out.


From there , I took a few breaks in between to retreat, rethink and redo it to get the right shaping in both his alt modes.


Inspired by USS Nimitz, the back of the ship mode must be symmetrical to provide more mass to form robot legs, unlike an actual ship show above .


Compared to v1,  the ship mode v2 here is missing armaments on the deck. This is a nod to G1 Broadside's bio about "his vulnerability in ship mode and the need to rely on his passengers to protect him."


USS Titanic is a Transformer too :)


One of the transformation step: fold the ship deck to form the jet mode's rear.


Jet mode was inspired by F-14 Tomcat. 


Since the ship mode is long, this causes the halved deck to form pretty long wings for the jet.




In the actual G1 toy of Broadside, he's equipped with an Axe and also a gun. Here, I've decided to integrate them both as a single weapon (Axe turning to gun)... and it's named Hull-Raiser. :)


When not on active duty, he tend to his farm and crops.


With fellow triple changers that I built recently, Rodimus Prime and Snapdragon

For more photos of Broadside  v2 and clearer visuals on how he transform between modes , click on my blog link below:

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On 8/11/2019 at 5:10 PM, Mister Phes said:

Broadside was my first ever Triple Changer...  he was also my only Triple Changer...

Wow really?     I had a g1 Sandstorm and it's not mine per se. I was already in my teens when my cousin outgrew his toys/transformers and I picked it up  alongside Snarl.  

I did a very stupid thing a decade later and sold Sandstorm off.




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Your build is incredible!  I am amazed at the quality of the three models. Each is great and my favorite is the... all of them!

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