[MOC] Moszna Castle (Poland) - microscale

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Moszna Castle (Poland) ... has been following me for a long time ... ;-)

48412317647_4a12af58c5_b.jpgMoszna Castle by Grzegorz Ludwiczek, on Flickr


Mansion in Moszna - a bit of history, that is, about the Prussian industrial nobility, two emperors, templars and devil. ;-)

The original mansion in the village of Moszna was built in the eighteenth century.
The village was then taken over by Georg Wilhelm von Reisewitz - cousin of the marshal of the court of the Emperor Prussian Frederick the Great.
Although in the documents there are notes about the village as early as in the 13th century, and during the renovation works, the remains of the old palisade from this century were found - means there had to be something worth defending.
After the war, brick cellars were also unearthed, which the legends say that they were connected by a tunnel with the chateau in Chrzelice, and from which the Templars were to use.
The palace was initially a simple building, which in large part we can see today in the central part of the present palace.
In the middle of the nineteenth century, the village with the palace changed the owner once again, this time to the Tiele-Winckler family - industrial gentry, one of the richest in contemporary Europe, which was the owners of, among others, Katowice, Miechowice (based in another palace) and many other places among others in Ukraine or in Africa.
A dozen years later - most of the palace was burnt. Using the leftovers - the building was rebuilt,
and expanded with eastern and western wings, obtaining a shape that we can see today.
The speed with which the palace was erected again surprised not only the local residents, but even the Emperor Wilhelm II,
who, supposedly, "how it was rebuilt so quickly" supposedly the owners answered "Lord, the devil helped us". ;-)
Interestingly - on one of the walls a sculpture of the devil was actually placed (it was destroyed after the war), and next to the entrance, there are sculptures that were called "devil and nymphs" (this year - 2019 - it was considered that it is not a devil only Apollo and Marsja ... teeedium, hitory with the devil is better ;-p)
During the reconstruction, apart from the devil, they were placed in a palace
- 365 rooms - different for each day of the year
- 99 towers - for every landed estate owned by the Tiele-Winckler family
(these 99 did not come from the case - according to the law of that time, everyone who owned 100 or more estates,
he had a duty to maintain a military garrison, i.e. a cost that the Tiele-Winckler dynasty would not bear.)
- a glass roof over the living room in one of the wings - the countess wished this during construction
The palace in 1945 was abandoned by the owners, fleeing from the advancing Soviet Army.
They left in it all the valuables, works of art, furniture, etc. which they had transported from their property in Berlin a moment earlier.
After the siege, the soldiers robbed everything they could, broke the mirrors, set up a stable in the chapel
(because it was possible to drive in with the entire car), but fortunately - they did not destroy the palace itself (they did not burn, like many others).
After 1945, the palace had various functions, among others it was the Center for Neurotic Therapy - for health improvement probably had a positive impact on the large park around the palace, with channels that even gondolas used to sail.
Since 2013, the hotel and restaurant operate in it, and the rest can be visited with a guide or during events organized every time (during one of them the palace pretends to be Hogwarts, in others it is the Witcher meeting place ;-))


I've started the palace more than two years ago. Initially I designed it on a scale minifig, because the amount of details in the original building is worth putting in blocks, but after making a piece in LDD - I gave myself because I did not want to invest in the "next wardrobe" and another several tens of thousands of blocks.

I used the preliminary design when building a piece for a different layout. ;-)

48412164786_51792dc03e.jpgMoszna Castle by Grzegorz Ludwiczek, on Flickr

The microscale project began to be created more than a year ago.

48412164751_f14e029373.jpgMoszna Castle by Grzegorz Ludwiczek, on Flickr

48412164666_d41f3fc821.jpgMoszna Castle by Grzegorz Ludwiczek, on Flickr

Therefore, I can say that the model itself
- it is 2PB in size
- used over 1,500 blocks in reality
by design, I designed it to fit the style of the "Architecture" series - judge for yourself if it worked. ;-)

Although I must admit that I used some of the illegal techniques here, and the roofs in the wings have been rebuilt several times, and still have some chaos inside. ;-) Besides - a few things still possible, I will change: brackets in darktan, instead of reddish brown, in octagonal tower and black tile horsehoe - as arched windows, instead of square ones in several places.

I tried to build this sculpture "devil with nymphs", but 4 characters would have to fit on 2 studs wide and 2 plates high - I finally gave up.

In a few places tan tiles are used instead of darktan - but Lego did not release too many kinds of darktan bricks, especially bricks for the microscale. ;-(
The colors of turret roofs are a standard number - in different photos, there are different colors, because it depends on the current state of the roofs. Therefore - I accepted a colorist to suit the model and did not require non-existing blocks.

48412165006_2488bf30f9.jpgMoszna Castle by Grzegorz Ludwiczek, on Flickr

48412315807_27dbc13e61.jpgMoszna Castle by Grzegorz Ludwiczek, on Flickr

48412316222_768ab26057.jpgMoszna Castle by Grzegorz Ludwiczek, on Flickr

48412166466_bdd92e3bcd.jpgMoszna Castle by Grzegorz Ludwiczek, on Flickr

48412165476_b9f543b905.jpgMoszna Castle by Grzegorz Ludwiczek, on Flickr

more photos - on flickr


Finally - a comparison with the original.

48412314477_b5f45cf6bb.jpgMoszna Castle by Grzegorz Ludwiczek, on Flickr


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This looks great.

But even better is the implementation of that water reflection picture. What a great way to show the build and also the original building at the same time.


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Wow @goldsun you did a magnificent job with this. Reminds me of the quest I have to do for my parents; I have to get a longsword with engravings onto the blade. Just by the handle, of just my parents names. Please, with such a profound castle I beckon you to my DISCORD. The beginning of my "delegation" channel is where I must incorporate my parents by this sword. Perhaps the other channels will give you a bit of a deeper sense of understanding with where I am with Poland.

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Great build, especially when you see the original. I also see a lot of creative use of parts.
Speaking of original ... the photo on top is real cool. Nice job with the reflection in the water.

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