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A Stroll By The Sea

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Eoin was starting to question his choice of joining Sarkon in his quest to find the sword, for many reasons. For one he didn't know where they were going, and Sarkon wouldn't stop talking! He talked and talked about a few sensitive subjects, such as the mitgardian government and about how he should be made a lord or even jarl. His plan was that when he found the sword he would scare the jarl into making him a lord, using the swords magic properties. Eoin knew he had to do something...

Summer Joust-A Stroll By The SeaSummer Joust-A Stroll By The Sea

C&C Welcome:dsweet:

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Very good mix of techniques to make a convincing scene. My personal favorite is the technic road, though your sideways rockwork and tree are also great :thumbup:
Good ground layering at the model edges :dsweet:

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Great little scene!  I'm not sure how I missed this earlier this summer either!  I like how the ground layering pervades even the part underground that you ordinarily would not see.  The tree technique is simple but solid, and the technic road, as @soccerkid6 says, is great.  The sea, with its cold frothy waters and the snow overhanging it looks great as well.  Nice job!

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