MR IOUS shows his MOCs

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Playmobil and Lego were the toys of my childhood. As I think most of us experienced it: they were packed away in my teens. But when I started studying art they once again started to find a way into my everyday life (have al look at I admit that I first started collecting / customzing Playmobil. But I kept looking online what people are doing with the other toy of my past and I have been reading posts here for a long time. I gathered the boxes from the attic, built a few things, got some new sets (Palace Cinema, Winter Village) and started collecting / altering Minifigures. Now after many months of thinking about my approach to Lego I have settled mainly on two themes and as I had to spend the last hot days in the cellar I had time enough to make photos and today is the day I start sharing.

Classic Space was my favourite theme as a child and that is where I start. Out of all the new sets there are a few Citylife / Modular / Winter Village Sets I really like and as I am interested in (colonial) history I will approach that theme with a historic twist.

My first MOCs are highly inspired by so many people from this forum and other places from the internet. I am still thinking about my aesthetic approach. Will I go old-school and stud on top? Will I make it all look modern? So see my first MOCs as a "Trying-to-find-my-style-phase".

Now it's time to share! The picture attached shows figures representing the themes I am interested in.


48394926516_3090ea8741_k.jpgmoodboard LOGO by MR. IOUS, auf Flickr

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Hello & welcome to Eurobricks. Indeed really a well-made and charming cast you got! :classic:

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