UCS AT-AT MOC for sale

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I have a Lego UCS AT-AT MOC for sale.

I based my design on Brickplumbers about 10 years ago. We traded some messages on Flickr. I designed it LDD and built it in sections. I kept him updated on the progress and had his blessing do to so. I also made posts here on Eurobricks, updating progress.

You get the whole model in the pics. Plus 4 figures. 2 AT-AT drivers, General Veers, and Luke with Lightsaber.

I couldn't estimate the number of bricks in it. Probably well over 6000, maybe 7000. Cavegod's model is 6262. I don't know how his model compares to mine, size-wise. His doesn't have an interior. If I had to guess, mine is bigger.

The model does stand on its own without support. The knees and hips do have joints on them, but, the model is too heavy to display that way. One of the feet also has the old hinges on the toes to angle them downward for display. My intention was to display while crushing a Snowspeeder. It's just too heavy!!

All Lego, mostly new, but, there were some used pieces. 95% new light gray. Some old light gray pieces. It adds a good battle-worn look to the model.

I would like $750. I will include free shipping.

Ask questions. Make offers! nothing is set in stone!

Pics can be found in the link below:


Thanks for looking.

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I didn't think anyone would bite at $1000. I lowered the price to $750. Make offers. I need to sell this ASAP. 

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Hello Friend of Lego Star Wars :)

I have one used gavegod AT-AT for sell, please send me a short message for furhter details (located in Austria)

Best Regards,

(I asked jamie75 to add my offer to his topic)

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