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Review - Little Sun 12pc Special Forces Soldiers Set

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Hello all, 

It has been a few years since I've posted on here, and I thought I might celebrate my return from the Dark Ages with a review, or two. This review is mainly pointed towards individuals looking to increase their armies, without spending a whole lot of cash.

I found this set on Ali-express for  $5 USD. It consists of twelve (12) minifigures kitted out with a variety of weapons and gear. 

It took about 10 days for the set to arrive through E-Packet and then USPS. 


Each figure was individually wrapped and the weapons were still on their sprues in a separate bag. The guns appear to be clones of official Brickarms weapons. 

Weapon Sprues

Each figure has detailed front printing and comes with some variation of helmet or headgear. All of the figures have realistic skin tones. 


Here is the full group as geared in the store pictures. 

Full Group


Squad 1Squad 2Squad 3

I re-kitted them out as a few different groups. First up is a 5 man SAS team with custom HK23E and L22 weapons. 

SAS Team

Next is a shotgun group. 

Shotgun Group

The last 3 were geared up to match the CIA hit squad that shot up the house of Bruce Willis's character in the action movie Red.

Red CIA Hit Squad

Overall, the set is of high quality and does not match the common stereotype of low quality knock-offs produced in China. I would highly recommend this set to those who wish to increase the size of their armies, while still paying a low price. 

C&C welcomed and appreciated.  

Ryn Labrie

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