Just came out of the Dark Age

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Hi all,

I'm Joos, nickname GrandiJoos, from the Netherlands. I'm just coming out if my dark ages after finally buying the 31313 EV3 mindstorms set earlier this year. And a second hand 8043 RC excavator (Ultimate edition :) ) just last week.

I'm mainly trying to automate stuff using the EV3 set. My recent attempt to motorize (and add sounds and lights to) my 1994 8880 supercar failed. I'm currently trying to EV3-ise my 8043 which seems to be easier.

I'm 35, Dutch, male, father of 2 girls who luckily also like Lego, married (to a wife who does not really understand Lego but gives me showcase space in the living room), and data scientist for a profession.

Hope to have some fun here sharing a common love, and joining a community.

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9 hours ago, Faladrin said:

Hello and welcome to Eurobricks !

Your interest in Technic and EV3 could lead you towards the Technic Forum or to the Mindstorms and Robotics Forum.

Enjoy your stay with us !

Thanks, I already found those, very addictive to read :)

7 hours ago, Mister Phes said:

Welcome to the light side, @GrandiJoos!

It sure is sunny here ;)

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Welcome back to the light!

And welcome to Eurobricks! 

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