[MOC] Corner Garage 10264 - Mini Modular

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Mini modular version of the latest Modular Building "Corner Garage".

640x640.jpg 640x640.jpg 640x640.jpg


8x8 base plate. Fully buildable with 327 parts. Height fits the other Lego mini modulars.

Lego PAB is approx. 50-70€.

Stability of all parts was checked positive. The gas station roof is the only component, which connects to the base plate using a single stud. So this part is a little bit fragile.

As at my last mini modular, I've tried to contain as much details and proportions as possible into the mini version.

Unfortunately 45° angled parts are quite complicated at this scale, so that my expected result is not as detailed as i wished it should be. So I would call it a solid design.
I've tried a lot of different brick combinations, but most of them are too coarse for the mini scale or didn't allow to connect the next bricks properly.


There are a few high priced parts included, like the sand blue 1x2 plates (6198156) or dark orange parts (especially 1x2 plate with slide (4616022)).
Also there is an old part included, as this is important for the structure/stability: part 3935 (Wing 4x4/45° right).
These parts will result in a higher price than my last mini modular. Without these parts the design wouldn't look like it does.


LDD file for free. Happy building, recoloring, modifying and so on :wink:

Attention: LDD file is missing three 36841 pieces (2x dark orange, 1x medium stone grey), as they are not available in LDD.
I have inlcuded 3 parts of the 36840 1x2 plate in the LDD file, so they should remind you not to forget ordering these missing parts.

Also LDD still uses old element/design ID numbers such like the 1x1x2/3 roof tiles or trans clear parts. Newer parts are available and much more cost-effective. Please check brickset parts database.



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Really nice shellshock! Looks very much like the large version.

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That rendered image didn't do the model justice, thankfully you added an actual photograph! It looks really good!

The shape and details are pretty much spot on (given the scale and parts available).

Also, I haven't seen that model of the Micro Downtown Diner before, it looks fantastic as well! Both of them look great together. :thumbup:

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The smaller the scale, the harder it is. Everywhere in LEGO world.

Even with availability of all these smal nifty novel pieces: It requires so much vision and knowledge.

Very, very well done!

Best wishes

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Hey I want to build your mini modulars, but where do I have to put the 3 parts of the 36840 into the model?

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