The Doughnut Shop Number of pieces: ~3255 My first successful attempt at a Modular Building which took way too long to complete to the point where it looks like I had copied Bricked1980's Bricks and Blooms. Which I clearly did not... But anyways! While thinking of the design, I wanted some thematic contrast, so I built a American (kinda Georgian) styled architecture on one side and a Japanese styled architecture on the other. Also the American styled side of the building is a lot bigger, because I wanted it to look like it's suffocating the Japanese one.......(The way I wrote that sounds super controversial, lol, but I needed contrast and imbalance to make a good design. Small Japanese buildings looks cute too.) Overall, I didn't want to go for a super detailed Modular Building with all kinds of fancy parts usage. I usually prefer simple looking buildings with nice colors and shape. But I still used plenty of somewhat complicated SNOT building to achieve the shaping, especially with the front of the Sand Red apartment. (Whoops, did I just say Sand Red!?) Also I forgot to mention that I high-key ripped off the Downtown Diner.  Here's the back view. Tried to keep things as simple as Creator Modulars usually are, but I might have gone a little too far on the details. But, I'm very pleased with the design of the back. Those medium blue doors really saved the day.   The roof! Nothing too special. The I think the skylight looks plain but quite fitting.    The ground floor of the building exposed. The main segment is the aforementioned Doughnut Shop, and the other is a tiny little run-down Noodle Shop. Very  C O Z Y.  Those 6x6 flat tiles on the wall of the Doughnut Shop are in some obscure legacy colors that I referenced off of Bricklink, don't know how legit they are.  Interior of the Doughnut Shop. I found that interior renders of LEGO can look kinda dull. So I added some really nice, sort of spicy, lighting here. As much as I would not like to admit, yes, this is a render. Though I don't know if I should be more proud of feat or not.  No caption needed. I can stare at this all day...   Onto the 1st floor! Just some apartments, except that the Japanese one is super tiny. No racial undertones here, it's all for the sake of design  . (Like why am I bringing that up, if I hadn't said anything, the majority of you wouldn't even realize anything.) Also, the sign is pretty cool, being made from a roller coaster track. I don't really know how you'll feel about the large doughnut sticking out of the wall, I personally like it a lot. I think it adds that bit of obnoxiousness, which makes the whole building stand out.    Interior of the apartment... Interior of Japanese apartment...   The 2nd floor! (or 3rd) It was really hard thinking of what I should fill the interior of this floor with. I originally wanted to do another apartment room, but I already did that. I thought about an artist studio, but that's cliche and boring, so I though of a Carpenter's Workshop! So that everyone in the apartment downstairs can get woken up in the middle of the night by loud whirring machinery! Brilliant idea! There's nothing under the Japanese roof though, no attic or anything, because I needed space for the connections. The interior of the Carpenter's Workshop! Pretty straightforward, but for any of you wondering, that green machine on top of the workbench is a belt sander.  Is the sun rays getting old yet? Because I have another 112 more interior images to show you!  Kidding! To save any dignity I have left for building this model digitally, I tried to limit the amount of parts in new colors to a minimal amount. I don't know how accurate this image is, because I used bricklink as my reference, if I were to follow brickset's database on the other hand, there would be a whole lot more parts in the image above.  Here are some of the stickers I designed for this model. Pretty good, I must say. It wasn't easy though. I had to go through so many iterations. Getting that balance of design, color and detail as well as to match it with the style of the building is quite the challenge. I really commend LEGO's graphic designers! Finally here is the Doughnut Shop humbly sitting next to the ultimate alpha beast that is the Downtown Diner. I would very happily admit that my Modular Building holds no quarter against the godly design of the Diner. (I think my love for the Diner is a bit of an issue...)   Welp that's all for now! More images can be viewed at my Flickr account. I would really like to know what you think about this. I worked on this model for way too long that I don't even know if it's great or terrible anymore. (How I wish I could have your fresh eyes just for one moment ). Harsh and savage criticisms are most welcome.