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Hello all. I just wanted to share this guy. I think the armor, which I only made to complete the set, worked out pretty well. I got this Warrior Pack at random through a facebook promotion Brickwariors was running a couple of weeks ago. Even though the set is more in the style of 300, I figured some historical anthropomorphic armor would round out the set neatly since I didn't have any bare chested torsos to put to the task. I made the print by using layers of the same image to first designate where the torso would print on the page, then colored that spot over with Silver Sharpie. Then I swapped the layers and ran the same sheet through in the same orientation, so my inkjet would print right over the shiny spot. I've used this technique with black light reactive colors too. The chest pattern is a modified version on the one i used on my Horned King, which is a tracing of the bare-chested guy from Indiana Jones.








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I'm not a fan of the torso as it doesn't look very LEGO-like. The official Spartan torso is pretty cheap (under $1) on bricklink.


Or there is the flying warrior torso, again fairyl cheap.


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@MAB wasn't really looking for notes, just sharing for fun. I do disagree though. I don't hold Lego-likeness as the highest measure of quality. In fact, as a custom fig, I think, going beyond Lego-likeness is part of the point. I find the paper adds texture and thickness, which helps tie in the Brickwarriors parts, in a way that pad printed torsos don't. I also like that you can see his yellow "flesh" wrap around in a more natural fashion than with the prints. I actually have a couple of the armored female torso's around, like Athena from the CMF series, but rejected them for these reasons. There is also nothing wrong with me being, just a little, proud that I managed to tie a complete figure together from what I had around, without further purchases. 


If I seem a little irked, it's because I am. It's been bugging me all week. I can't but read in your reply that I somehow offended your sensibilities and you felt a need to put me down. Well I'm not down. I like my little guy and i'm gonna keep making my customs my way. If you all don't want to see em, that's fine, just have a Moderator to tell me where to go.



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