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ODA 401

[GBW] - Solo Operation - Plighia - Immediate Reinforcement Part 3 "LDD/ Non-LDD"

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Presidential Order# 4-9. Designate: Sierra

South Coast,: Transportation of HVIs to Bandaud.

Transport Designation Rock 2-9 with escort from PAAF Designation Riker 1 and 2 to drop off HVIs at designated location to Bandaud Authorities.

0600 hrs July 16, 2019

Three aircraft fly low and fast across the water along the southern border of the mainland approximately in grid J8 en route to a secretly planned location in a country only 6,000 miles from takeoff. They have no desire to be picked up by any coastal radar therefore, they fly nap of the earth. A small but fast learjet is escorted by two F-20 Ferrets from the Plighian Army Air Force (PAAF). Since they don’t want anything to get in their way the fighters are armed with a number of air-to-air/ground missiles as well as anti-ship, just to be prepared. Only the learjet pilots know what they are transporting. 

48291211202_f1cd6ac1ec.jpg 48291108221_6724e3d0e9.jpg48291211682_92ebda01af.jpg 48291107721_90123f46b1.jpgGBW - Solo Mission by ODA 401, on Flickr

They soon near their landing strip, an abandoned runway with just enough space for a small jet.

Rock 2-9: “Rock 2-9er to Rikers One and Two. . .Be advised we are nearing drop zone.”

Riker 1: “Roger 2-9er. . .let’s be quick. . .I don’t like to linger with the payload we’re carrying.”

Rock 2-9: “I feel your concern Riker 1. . .I won’t keep you guys waiting since I left my second cup of coffee back home. Wait one. . .I have the runway marker on my scope. . . Touching down in 10 mikes.”

Riker 2: “We read you 2-9er. . .my scopes are clear.”

The aircraft soon come into view of the runway.

Rock 2-9: “This is 2-9er to Rikers 1 and 2, request you cover me while I land. . .over.”

Riker 1: “Roger 2-9er, pulling out of heading 250.”


Both fighters peel off as the learjet comes in for a landing.

48291212562_093db918f6_z.jpg 48291212387_e07068db88.jpg

The plane lands and within seconds five figures wearing orange with black hoods are hustled out by two black-clad men, one visibly armed with a weapon.

As soon as the cargo is released, the jet takes off and joins its escort as they head for home.

Back on the ground:

Lead: "Jensen, get those men in the building while we wait for our contact."

Jensen: "Will do, boss.. .Hey you. . .move in to the building now!"


Lead: "I do hope this area is secure."

Jensen: "I wouldn't worry too much, our boys have this area covered."


Lead: "We know that, but does our contact?"

Jensen: "Its on a need to know basis, and they don't."




Learjet copied off of Lego Co. design

F-20 Ferret fuselage based off of Brickmania F-100

Missiles are from TheDarthDesigner


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Here is the breakdown for your Solo Campaign Scores and feed back:

Average for Build 1: 16
Feedback   This is a good, solid build! You met the requirements and completed exactly what you needed to. I think the build is filled with details, both terrain and figures. The time it can take to design scenery, especially rock faces, takes a considerable amount of effort...maybe throw a lil more vegetation in a few spots? I did not remove points for this, but something to consider...when you build your base, try to maintain it as one solid color. I know at times, pieces available can come into play and this could have also been an afterthought...but having the base seperated from the build itself really raises the level of the build. No pun intended! It seperates the two; I found myself looking at the base and noticing what you did there with some of the slope bricks. A simple repeated brick pattern in a seperate color would make the viewer glance, but not spend time looking over everything. I appreciate the solid color background, but consider using a solid color sheet next time...and in a color other than white. Light colors aren't bad, but you wanna base your background against the build. Light color build and a light color background, the build's colors can look washed out and faded. Overall though, this was a great build, considering how mauch detail you crammed into the space you used, great job!

Average for Build 2: 14
Feedback   Wow I dont even know where to start. This was just fantastic. I really enjoyed this build a lot. Everything from the top level down to the air vents in the lower portions. So nicely done. A lot of time went into this and it shows! My only suggestion (if any) is that being that this is a build of such scale, there is a lot of wasted space. More of your real estate could have been used. All in all, this is superb!

Average for Build 3: 12
Feedback   Very original idea here. I can appreciate the time that also went into the LDD stuff. This did come up a little short for it being your finale build as I would have liked to have seen something on a little bigger scale or more detail in the actual built part of it. Pictures could benefit a little bit from some more lighting and better angles, everything looks squished.

Total Overall Score: 14

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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